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The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color charts can be used to select colors for use on your HTML pages. Use the 'swatch' colors on this page and then follow the corresponding link to view the full color chart. The 'hexadecimal' color code in the chart can be used within your HTML.

For example to set the text to RED you could use the 'FONT' command as follows:
 <FONT COLOR=#FF0000> All of the text would then be displayed in red until you changed it </FONT> <FONT COLOR=#0000FF> to another color </FONT> or reset the color to the default.

Color codes can be used in other sections of your HTML code. We use the following sequence:

  <BODY text="#000000" bgcolor="#ffffff" link="#0000ff" alink="#ffffff" vlink="#CD7F32">

to set the values of the text, background, link, active-link and visited-link colors.

Some web-browsers allow you to enter standard color codes RED,BLUE,GREEN etc. But in general you are safer using color codes.

The RGB color scheme can be used to display 16777216 different colors from White #FFFFFF to Black #000000 unfortunatly some computer display monitors will allow only 16 (or less) basic colors.

NOTE: We have used the American spelling of color throughout to remind you that most web-browsers use this spelling. They will not in general recognise the word COLOUR.


Notes and information.

 Almond  Aquamarine  Azure
 Beige  Bisque  Black
 Blue  Blush  Brown
 Burlywood  Chartreuse  Chiffon
 Chocolate  Coral  Cornsilk
 Cyan  Firebrick  Gainsboro
 Gold  Goldenrod  Green
 Grey  Honeydew  Ivory
 Khaki  Lace  Lavender
 Lemon  LightCyan  Linen
 Magenta  Maroon  Mint
 Moccasin  Olive  Orange
 Orchid  Papaya  Peach
 Peru  Pink  Plum
 Puff  Purple  Red
 Rose  Salmon  Seashell
 Sienna  Snow  Tan
 Thistle  Tomato  Turquoise
 Violet  Wheat  White

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