European Institute for Urban Affairs

Welcome to the European Institute for Urban Affairs

What do we do?

The Institute is a long established, high profile research and consultancy group within LJMU. Our aim is to be:

  • a centre of international academic research excellence
  • a leading urban policy research group influencing national and international policy development
  • a resource for policy-makers and communities in the Liverpool city region, North West region and the UK
  • a good citizen in Liverpool John Moores University encouraging research collaboration across institutional boundaries

How do we do it?

We try to be the best niche organisation in our field. We are focussed and efficient but democratic and collaborative. Our work is very high profile and we have a reputation for dealing with politically sensitive issues in an honest, independent and constructive way. We consistently promote our work through participation at international and national conferences and in all forms of the media.

What have we achieved?

The Institute has been in existence for over two decades. In that time, it has generated over £8m in research income and produced over 100 books, articles and consultancy reports.  We have led and successfully delivered a wide range of international and national research projects. Some of our key projects have significantly influenced the decisions and behaviour of governments and major public organisations. In particular we have frequently set the government policy agenda for cities in the UK and Europe. In the past decade we led the ESRC CITIES programme, the largest Research Council programme in the field involving 25 universities. This £4 million programme produced 4 major books and dozens of research articles.  We led the research on Competitive European Cities for the Core Cities which established their intellectual case for government support.  We led the State of the English Cities programme for the Deputy Prime Minister, the largest review of the performance of towns and cities in the UK ever undertaken by government. 

We undertook work on the Recession, credit crunch and cities for the UK government and the Northern Way.  We directed the government’s network of advisers on cities and steered the Northern Way Research programme.  For the current coalition government our work on ESPON has provided some of the intellectual and analytical work which underpins its new deal for cities set out in Unlocking Growth in Cities. For the European Commission, we led the Urban Audit, advised on the State of European Cities and the development and evaluation of the URBAN initiative. We are currently leading a major transnational research project on 155 second tier and capital cities in 31 European countries for the European Commission and ESPON.

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