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If you would like further information on the placement year please do not hesitate to contact the ESU team at:

Rosemary Capper, Employability Support Manager Address: Room 003, Redmonds Building, Liverpool
Telephone: 0151 231 3448 Email:

Anne Pettitt, Employability Support Officer (Mon - Thurs) Address: Room 003, Redmonds Building, Liverpool  Telephone: 0151 231 3847 E-mail:

Nicola O'Driscoll, Employability Support Officer (Tues, Thurs and Fri) Address: Room 003, Redmonds Building, Liverpool  Telephone: 0151 231 3847 Email: n.o'


The Employability Support Unit Facebook Page: is regularly updated with the latest vacancies, deadline reminders and careers tips and advice to help you with your placement search.

If you are/were a Liverpool Business School Placement Student, we have set up Facebook Groups to let you know about important information, career opportunities and keep you updated of events at LJMU. You can keep us informed of how you're getting on and keep in touch with other placement students.

Facebook Groups:

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