Faculty of Technology and Environment


The Faculty (TAE), comprises 3 large Schools namely the Built Environment (BUE), Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMP) and Engineering, Technology and Maritime Operations (ENR), together with 3 smaller units, the Lairdside Maritime Centre (LMC) which reports into the School of Engineering, Technology and Maritime Operations and forms part of the Liverpool Maritime Academy, the European Institute for Urban Affairs (EIUA) and the General Engineering Research Institute (GERI) – the latter two institutes largely being research only units.

The Faculty currently has over 3600 student ftes studying on a range of programmes at sub degree, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (both taught Masters and research degrees) across disciplines that include Computing, Software Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Mechanical, Automotive, Marine and Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Maritime Studies, Product Design, Civil Engineering, Planning, Property and Construction.  The Faculty also has an additional 1200 students studying on collaborative and enterprise programmes involving countries including the UK, Malaysia, India, China, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, France and the Isle of Man. 

The Faculty is currently located in 4 locations within the University the majority of the provision being within the cluster of buildings at Byrom Street (Peter Jost, Cherie Booth, Phase 2 Byrom Street and the Engineering workshops) on the City Campus with some facilities for Built Environment in Truman Street also on the City Campus, with the Lairdside Maritime Centre located near to the former Camell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead and the European Institute for Urban Affairs occupying offices in Rodney Street.

Professor Ahmed Al-Shamma'a

Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Environment


Page last modified 06 October 2014.

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