Funding advice for part-time students

If you choose to study part-time at LJMU, you will receive the same high quality educational experience plus access to all the same resources and facilities as full-time students. There are, however, differences in the range and level of funding you can receive.

Tuition fees

Part-time tuition fees do not have to be paid up front. Providing you meet the eligibility criteria and have not been to university before, you can apply for a non-means-tested tuition fee loan. Even if you have been to university before you may still be entitled to a loan so please get advice on what student funding you are entitled to. You can take out a loan for each year of your course and repayments do not start until you leave LJMU and earn over £21,000. See our Tuition fees page for more details.

Part-time tuition fees are calculated based on how long it will take you to complete your degree. LJMU's full-time honours degree normally takes three years to complete. If, for example, you wanted to study this degree part-time and complete it in:

  • Four years, you will be charged 75% of the full-time fee, giving you an annual fee of £6,750
  • Six years, you will be charged 50% of the full-time tuition fee. In 2013, this would be 50% of £9,000, giving you an annual fee of £4,500

To apply for a tuition fee loan use Student Finance

Living costs

Unlike full-time students, part-time students do not receive funding either in the form of grants or loans for their living costs. LJMU has additional funding for certain groups of students and in some cases we may be able to help with costs such as childcare, books or travel or via our Access to Learning Fund (ALF)


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