How to write a successful scholarship application form

Our scholarships are open to all full-time Home (that's students from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and EU undergraduates. To download a copy of the Scholarship Application form, click here.

I am not a 'straight A’ student, is it worth me applying for a scholarship?

Yes because we have such a broad range of scholarships. Some of our scholarships are aimed at students getting straight A’s but the majority are for students that can show they are hardworking and a success at what they do. We want students to contribute to the life of LJMU. Aside of your academic study, we would hope that you would get involved in many varied activities throughout the academic year - such as being a course rep, joining a sports team or maybe standing for election as a future sabbatical officer in the Students' Union. Your Scholarship Application is your opportunity to tell about all of the things you are involved with now, in school, college or in your own time.

Completing your supporting statement

This is your opportunity to tell us about you and what you are interested in. Unlike the UCAS personal statement which focuses mainly on your chosen course or what experience you have related to the course you have applied to, we want to know about you in much broader terms. This supporting statement is your opportunity to give us a bit more information about your hobbies, interests and extra curriculum activities.

We are particularly interested in finding out about the activities and interests you have that are not related to your course. For example one applicant who applied to do Outdoor Education was also a regular volunteer at a local hospice and its associated charity shop.

They told us:

In addition to my wide range of sporting activities, I volunteer in a local hospice one day per week. This initially started as an enrichment activity with my school but became something I wanted to continue with once the work experience ended. I felt that it really made a difference and rather than being a sad experience was actually very happy and rewarding. The hospice is so short of funds I also help in the shop when I can, which has taught me a lot about people’s generosity as well as customer care and cashhandling.

Why can’t LJMU just use the supporting statement I used for my UCAS application?

We want to know more information than the number of characters you are restricted to on your UCAS application. We also know that on your UCAS application you are going to focus mainly on your chosen course and/or career options and we want to know a bit more about you than that. You can use your UCAS statement as the starting point for your scholarship application too if you want to but don’t feel that you have to.

What type of information does my teacher need to supply to support my scholarship application?

We don't want the same reference that your teacher supplied for UCAS as this will have focused more on your suitability for your chosen course. We want to know other things about you. Perhaps you contribute to the life of the school in some way such as being a prefect? Do you have a good attitude to your work? Are you a mentor? Are you asked to represent the school at events?

Types of comments we have had in the past include:

XXXX is one of the most committed students I have taught. She has contributed to a range of activities while in 6th form. She is enthusiastic and willingly gives her time to help at events such as open evenings, parents night etc. She is a mentor for the year 7 pupils and is committed to ensuring the younger pupils settle in quickly and enjoy their time at our school. I have no doubt she will be a valuable asset to your university.

Can mature students and/or those without UCAS points apply for a scholarship?

Many LJMU students are mature (aged 21 or over) and are given a place on the basis of experience rather than UCAS points. We would welcome scholarship applications from students in these circumstances. It is even more important you tell us about yourself in the personal statement. You probably won’t have a teacher or mentor to give you a reference so perhaps you could ask an employer (past or present) to do this for you. If you have not got anyone to ask to complete this part of the application form  then please contact Student Advice for more information and guidance:, 0151 904 6056/6057.

Why do I need to supply references and/or certificates?

We use these to substantiate what you are telling us. For example if you say you work in a local charity shop get a letter from them confirming this is true and what you actually do. If you have certificates for things you have achieved, then please send us a copy. If you have photographs from events you have participated in we would like to see some of them. But don’t send us holiday snaps. It is by looking at the evidence we will get a better picture of what you are like as a person. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all of these things, just send what you have got and we will still consider your application. We have such a broad range of scholarships we will try and match you up with one where you meet the criteria.

To download a copy of the Scholarship Application form, click here.

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