Financial Regulations

Introduction by the Vice-Chancellor

These Financial Regulations have been prepared for all employees of the Liverpool John Moores University who handle cash, authorise expenditure, or are responsible for other financial matters during the course of their duties. These regulations must be observed at all times. It is hoped that they will be of particular use to new employees working with limited supervision, while at the same time reminding experienced employees of the essentials of sound financial routines.

The regulations concentrate on the basic requirements. Detailed accounting instructions are included in the appendices and these will be supplemented from time to time to meet the requirements of a particular Faculty or Service, category of employee or type of transaction.

The measures detailed in the regulations must be implemented wherever possible within the constraints imposed by the availability of resources. Where doubt arises employees are advised to contact Finance for clarification.

These regulations are intended to provide instructions to enable Faculties and Services to fulfil their part in the financial aspects of the day to day proceedings of the University; they should enable procedures to be standardised without stifling independence. The regulations will be reviewed at regular intervals and will be amended as and when necessary by the Finance Director.

Professor Nigel Weatherill


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Page last modified 05 November 2012.

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