Student Experiences

Casey left home at 16 after a family argument. She lived in a hostel and attended a local college and then came to LJMU. The experiences she had affected her mood and she was very anxious and under confident. She tried to struggle on in year 1 but failed the year; she spoke to her tutor who referred her to the Wellbeing worker. She applied for disabled students allowance and a range of support was put in place. She met with the wellbeing regularly to work on her low mood and symptoms of anxiety. She graduated with a 2:1 degree and stated, “I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the service.”
 Joe started feeling low in mood during his first year, he isolated himself and began  to struggle with his attendance and motivation. He came to see the wellbeing worker during summer recess and he agreed to see his GP who diagnosed him with depression. He was offered medication but he did not want to take this. He continued to meet with the wellbeing whilst he was waiting for behavioural therapy from his GP Practice. After a couple of months his mood lifted and he completed his studies.

Flynn had contact with Children and Adolescent services (CAMHS) when he was 13 as he was self harming and had an eating disorder. He came to see the Wellbeing worker as he had started self harming again recently due to the stress of his studies and problems with his flatmates. We were able to sort out his housing and the wellbeing worker offered him therapeutic support working with his feelings of despair and low mood. He began to look at other ways of coping with his feelings and went on to successfully complete his studies.

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