Your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

This information is intended for students and concerns the new Higher Education Achievement Report and associated changes to LJMU’s Online Progress Report.

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) provides a single comprehensive record of your academic and other achievements whilst in Higher Education.  The HEAR is a national development that has been taking place over the past four years between institutions, employers and students to help enhance the understanding that students and employers have of their achievements during the time that they studied.

The HEAR has two main functions:

  1. It is a formal exit document, issued to help enhance your employability by providing you with a fuller record of your achievements.
  2. It is also a formative document, available for you to make use of from early on in your studies. At LJMU, this will take the form of an Online Progress Report available to view via Blackboard.  As a developing record of your achievements, this Progress Report should help you in recognising and communicating your skills and experiences, as well as identifying gaps in your skills and knowledge which you can then focus on during the remainder of your studies.

Click here for further information on the Online Progress Report

The HEAR does not replace your formal degree certificate or your CV but rather complement these documents expanding on and reminding you of your achievements while at LJMU. Your HEAR will be a useful reference document when making job/further study applications, either prior to or after graduation.

What information will the HEAR contain?

Your Higher Education Achievement report or HEAR is a formal exit document now available to 2012 graduates.

Continuing students have access to their Online Progress Report, which will include much, but not all, of the information incorporated in the final HEAR document.

The HEAR is split into a number of sections, each containing specific information, outlined below:

  •     Contextual Information – a formal statement about what the HEAR is.
  •     Section 1: Information about you…name, date of birth
  •     Section 2: Information about your qualification….award title, degree classification, awarding institution (LJMU)
  •     Section 3: Information on the level of your qualification… undergraduate degree, diploma, duration of programme
  •     Section 4: Information on the programme studied and how it was taught
  •     Section 5: Information on the function of your qualification… does it lead to particular further study or confer professional status?
  •     Section 6: Additional Information… Have you gained any additional skills either Graduate Skills or World of Work Skills Certification
  •     Section 7: Certification of the HEAR formal authentication of the contents of this HEAR by the awarding institution (LJMU)
  •     Section 8: Information on the national Higher Education system… standard description of the UK Higher Education system

Page last modified 19 June 2013.

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