The first few weeks and months at University will be challenging, wonderful, strange and exciting – and possibly all of those things in one day! You’ll be expected to remember so much that it may feel a little overwhelming at times.  The Student Advice and Wellbeing teams are here to help, so please ASK us!

We have staff who will be able to help you with all of those tough questions you might have and some of the smaller queries too.  The sections below aim to answer some of your questions and to direct you to people and resources that can help.

Remember though, it is up to you to ASK.  If you don’t ASK, we don’t know you have a question.  All new students are in the same position and often just one person raising an issue can open up discussions that will help in so many ways.

Call into your nearest Student Zone and ASK for Student Advice and Wellbeing.  You’ll be directed to the nearest available member of staff or you can make an appointment if that’s easier for you.  Alternatively you can ring us or email us on the contact details below

Study support
0151 904 6066

Student Wellbeing
0151 904 6116

0151 904 6123 

Academic Advice/ Stay on Course   
0151 904 6053

Student Funding Advice
0151 904 6056/6057

0151 904 6052/6037

International students
0151 904 6050

Accommodation Advice
0151 904 6049

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