Library Services: Regulations - General

    1. These regulations, which are subject to periodic review, are authorised by the Academic Board upon the recommendation of the Director of Library Services.
    2. 'Member of the University' shall be interpreted to mean any student, retired staff, academic, administrative, clerical, technical or manual member of staff of the University and members of the Governing Body.
    3. Library shall be understood to refer to any designated library or computer facility under the administration of Library Services.
    4. Use of University computer facilities will also be subject to the Regulations of Planning and Information.
    5. Any user may make representation on the regulations in force and on the use of libraries to the Director of Library Services.
    6. Suggestions and/or complaints should be addressed to senior members of Library Services and will receive careful consideration.
    7. In the interests of security, nothing of value should be left unattended in the library. Any article so left is entirely at the owner's risk.
    8. Opening hours are those determined from time to time, as agreed with the Vice Chancellor, as most appropriate for each service point. Hours of opening will be displayed in each Service point.
    9. Users must only use designated entrances and exits, except in emergencies when such designated exits may also be used.
    10. Photocopiers and other printers are available, but use is subject to the Copyright Designs and Patents Act. Copies made for members by Library Services staff will be liable to a charge.
    11. Copies of the regulations will be made available in each library.

Approved by the Academic Board, 14.11.94

Page last modified 03 June 2013.

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