Library Services: Regulations - Loan Facilities

    1. Each person entitled to borrow will be issued with a University Card which must be produced whenever an item is borrowed. Cards are not transferable and all items issued via them are the responsibility of the person to whom they were issued.
    2. The number of items permitted to be borrowed and the period of loan will be as determined from time to time by Library Services staff as most appropriate for the particular service point, type of material, or category of user. Information on these loan periods will be available at appropriate service points. Readers needing extra items should ask a member of library staff.
    3. 'Short Loan' material is issued under the rules in force at that time. Some material will not be loaned.
    4. Periodical and reference material may be borrowed according to the rules in force or at the discretion of senior library staff.
    5. Library staff may refuse to lend or renew any item, or where an item is in heavy demand may restrict the loan period.
    6. 21 and 7 day loans may normally be renewed for a further period if not required by another member. Loan renewal requests may be by direct application to staff on issue counters, by post or by telephone.
    7. Whenever an item is recalled by library staff the reader must return the item promptly.
    8. Students must return all items on loan and settle any outstanding financial obligations, before the end of their period of study.
    9. Items may be borrowed for the vacations by any member of the University returning to the University the following semester.
    10. As cards are not transferable any member will be held responsible for any loss or damage to books issued on such cards.
    11. The University charges fines on overdue books. An administrative charge is added to all accounts sent. Replacement costs are charged at the discretion of senior library staff.
    12. Upon leaving a library users are requested to satisfy staff that any Library Services property being taken out has been properly recorded. They may be required to reveal the contents of any bag, briefcase, pockets, etc.
    13. A loan record must be originated for any item borrowed. It is the borrower's responsibility to ensure that the loan record is cancelled when the item is returned. Borrowers can check their own record on the library catalogue.
    14. Using the library system some items not immediately available may be reserved. Members will be notified when an item is ready for collection.
    15. Items may be returned to a library by post provided they are adequately wrapped.
    16. Any member having a sufficient reason for requiring an item not in stock may request that it be obtained through the Document Supply Service. Items so borrowed are subject to the conditions imposed by the lender library and may be subject to a charge.

Approved by the Academic Board, 14.11.94

Page last modified 03 June 2013.

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