Stafford Beer Collection

Stafford BeerThe Stafford Beer Collection consists of the personal library of Professor Stafford Beer, the founder of Management Cybernetics, who was appointed Honorary Professor of Organisational Transformation at LJMU in 1989.  An international consultant in the management sciences, employed by governments in over 20 countries and by a number of international agencies, Professor Beer, who died in August 2002, was the author of over 200 publications and held a number of academic posts as well as managerial positions at every level. He was also a published poet and held exhibitions of paintings.

The Stafford Beer Collection consists of almost 2000 books and pamphlets reflecting Professor Beer's wide-ranging interests and the development of his thinking.  It also includes an Archive of Professor Beer's Papers (PDF) together with paintings, models, gramophone records and memorabilia.  The Stafford Beer Collection Catalogue (PDF)* provides a subject listing of the book collection, which is arranged in broad subject categories according to Professor Beer's specification. There is now a new, partial index to the Stafford Beer papers: Stafford Beer Papers: 2005 Summaries - Recent Summaries of Key Boxes (PDF).

If you need information relating directly to the collection itself, please contact the LJMU Archivist.  Some material from the collection is now accessible through LJMU Digital Collections.

*Please Note: The location and contact details in the catalogue listing are out of date.

Page last modified 01 July 2013.

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