International Times: The Barry Miles Archive

International Times Volume 86The International Times (IT) collection is the archive of the first and longest lasting European underground newspaper, running from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s. Barry Miles was the co-founder of Indica Books and Gallery and the International Times. Closely allied to the Beatles, who helped out financially, the IT covered everything from flying saucers to eastern mysticism, taking in contemporary music and literature. Contributors included William Burroughs, Alan Ginsberg, John Peel, Mal Dean and Jeff Nuttall. The iconic “IT Girl” logo appeared on the cover of each issue along with a striking graphic image.

The IT archives include a complete run of the paper along with the editorial minutes and internal memos detailing the finances and reaction to the police raids and take-over attempts which characterised the paper’s colourful history. Of great interest are the letters between Miles and co-founder John Hopkins while Hopkins was in prison, providing insights into the practicalities of running an underground newspaper under the constant scrutiny of the authorities.

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