Borrowing Rights for Non-LJMU Members

 Liverpool John Moores University Library Services may provide limited borrowing from the stock of its libraries to individuals for education or research purposes only upon payment of an annual fee of £50 (plus VAT) providing they are:

  • A member of the University's Alumni Association, for example, LJMU graduates.
  • Students of any University outside the Merseyside area who are permanently or temporarily resident on Merseyside.
  • A member of the public with a genuine need to use the libraries.

Individuals who wish to apply for a LJMU Individual External Library Membership should visit the Hub of one of our libraries with the following:

Please note that applications cannot normally be dealt with immediately. We will contact you when your card is ready for collection. When you collect your card you will also receive a letter of authority from LJMU Computing and Information Services containing a username and password which will enable you to place reservations and check your borrower record via our Library Catalogue.

LJMU Individual External Library Members are entitled to borrow up to four 21 day or 7 day loans at any one time and can place up to 4 reservations. Holders may also use their card for photocopying by adding credit via a cash loading machine. For further details please see Printing, photocopying and scanning .

The following restrictions apply to LJMU Individual External Library Members:

  • They may not request inter-library loans.
  • They may not borrow video recordings.
  • They may not borrow short loan items.
  • They may not have access to our computing facilities.

You are responsible for items issued to your card. If you lose your card, please inform one of our libraries immediately, so that its further use may be blocked. A charge of £10 normally applies for replacement cards. This charge will be waived if your card is stolen and you provide a valid police crime number.

Page last modified 04 July 2013.

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