Service Availability

LJMU Library Services offer different service hours depending on the time of year. You can link through below to see the services available at these different times.

Please see Opening Hours for an overview.

The Academic Calendar will provide you with more information about Semester Dates.


Semester Hours

(September - May)

Vacation Hours

(May - August)

Full Service

 Monday - Friday
8.45 am - 7 pm
 Monday - Friday
8.45 am - 7 pm*
    * Student Administration Centre closes at 5pm
    Please see Opening Hours for early closing periods at
IM Marsh

Evening and Weekend Service

Monday - Friday
7 pm - 11 pm
    Please see Opening Hours for vacation late night opening at Avril Robarts Library
  Saturday - Sunday
10 am - 8 pm
Saturday Only
10 am - 4 pm
    Please see Opening Hours for Saturday opening at
IM Marsh

Overnight Access

Aldham Robarts and
Avril Robarts Only

24 hr (Ground Floor)

11 pm - 2.30 am (First Floor)*

*Feb - May only

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