Photocopy Collection Requests

Adding Materials to the Photocopy Collections

Purpose and scope of the Photocopy Collection

    The Photocopy Collections held at each library are in essence Short Loan collections of heavily used material. The following guidelines are based on the information contained in the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) Accord (1 April, 1998) and on the guidelines to the Accord which were produced by Sandy Norman on behalf of SCONUL.

    The CLA recognises that the purpose of photocopy collections is to give wider access to students for a limited period of time. It places no limit on the number of copies of an item which may be placed in the collection in relation to a given module or course, but copies must be legitimate (i.e. fall within the copying allowed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988).

    Lecturers may deposit either individual articles or course packs (folders containing several extracts), to support a given module or course, in the collection.

    What can be accepted?

    • Photocopies taken from originals owned by Liverpool John Moores University (i.e. the Licensed Institution).
    • Items that are copyright waived (e.g. US Government publications) or where it is known that explicit permission to copy for educational purposes has been given. HMSO/Stationery Office have given such permission for the following categories of their publications: Hansard, vote bundles, journals of both Houses, Lords minutes, Commons order-books, Public Bill Lists and SI Lists, Information Bulletins and Digests, Command Papers, reports of Select Committees, Statutory Instruments, press releases.
    • Where permission has been obtained in writing from the relevant rightsholder(s), in which case the letter granting permission should be appended to the photocopy.
    • Copies obtained from the BLDSC (British Library Document Supply Centre) to go into our own stock (including those obtained to replace torn out pages etc.). The BLDSC must be informed that the copy is required for stock when the request is placed.
    • Out of copyright/public domain - where copyright has expired.
    • Reprints provided by a publisher to a lecturer who has published an article.

    What cannot be accepted?

    • Copies that were obtained for a borrower’s own non-commercial research or private study purposes (including those obtained through inter-library loan)
    • Large print copies for visually impaired users

    Checklist for Academic Staff

    Academic staff wishing to deposit documents in the library photocopy collection should read the following checklists:

    The following limitations apply to copying generally:

    Copying is limited to whichever is the greater of:

    • Up to 5% or one chapter of a book
    • Up to 5% or one article of a journal issue 
    • Up to 5% or one paper of one set of conference proceedings
    • Up to 5% or one case of one report of judicial proceedings
    • Up to 5% of an anthology of short stories or poems or one short story or one poem of not more than 10 pages

    For more details please see Copyright Advice.

    No extracts from books and journals excluded from the CLA licence (unless accompanied by a permission letter) can be added to the collection. These titles can be found on the CLA List of Excluded Categories and Excluded Works.

    Academic staff will need to complete either:

    • Photocopy Collection Submission Form (PDF) (for individual extracts). This requires a complete reference for the item being added to the collection.


    • Course Pack Submission Form (PDF) (listing the contents of the pack). For Course Packs containing more than 10 extracts you will need to create a second pack using another submission form. If possible please list the articles in alphabetical order by author.

    For each type of submission academic staff will be required to sign the declaration and indicate the legitimacy of each extract in the pack in the Copyright Category (A-E) column.

    The five Copyright Categories are:

    • (A) From CLA Licensed Material - a copy of the original document must be held by Library Services or by the School.
    • (B) With written permission of the rightsholder(s) - Permission may be sought from the copyright holder by academic staff. In this case written proof must be appended to each photocopy. Please note that the copyright holder is often the publisher, not the author.
    • (C) With the explicit permission of the rightsholder (i.e. Copyright waived) - information which is intended to be disseminated e.g. some HMSO publications.
    • (D) Material obtained from the BLDSC (British Library Document Supply Centre) to go into our own stock (as in Sections 41 and 42 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 OR Copyright-Fee Paid material (essential if students are being encouraged to make a copy). Please Note: If you apply to the British Library for articles to add to the Photocopy Collection, this intention must be declared on the Inter Library Loan request form. The single copy received may then be added to the Collection for reference use only. Material can only be acquired in this way if it is not reasonable for us to purchase the original item (e.g. an article from a journal title we do not take).
    • (E) Being out of copyright / public domain - The length of copyright is usually 70 years after the death of the author.

    Duplicates of individual extracts or course packs may be held (up to a maximum of three). These must be provided by the member of staff requesting the deposit.

    Articles and course packs will be kept in filing cabinets at the library counter arranged in alphabetical order by author/tutor (then keyword title for course packs).

    Items will be listed on the library catalogue, searchable via title, keyword or author (including lecturer). However, individual extracts within a course pack will not be searchable via the catalogue. Course packs can also be found using the module code via a keyword search e.g. type in Course Pack: BESES3016.

    Items will be issued as 2 hour loans (unless specified otherwise).

    A list of extracts and course packs will be sent to Academic Staff every summer vacation for review. Library Services can only hold items in the photocopy collection that support current modules.

    Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian with any further enquiries about the Photocopy Collection or submitting items for the Photocopy or Course Packs Collections.

    Page last modified 04 March 2014.

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