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LJMU Digital Collections

LJMU Digital Collections is intended to preserve and promote digital material belonging to LJMU. So far we have set up eight collections:

Teaching Resources

  • Electronic Key Text Collection which is a collection of digitised book chapters and journal articles made available by academic staff

  • Courtauld Art History which is a collection of digital images of paintings, sculptures and other works of art from recent exhibitions, which may be used by LJMU staff and students for educational purposes only

  • Oral History of Journalism in the 20th Century - a collection of interviews with members of the National Union of Journalists recalling their career histories. The archive was created during an NUJ/LJMU collaborative project

Special Collections and Archives

  • Everyman Theatre Collection - a record of the history, life and activities of Liverpool's Everyman Theatre

  • Liddell Hart Collection of Costume - a highly individual fashion archive owned by LJMU, containing not only works directly concerning fashion, but also on feminism, psychology of dress and the social scene and society at the turn of the nineteenth/twentieth century

  • Liverpool School of Art Archive - documents and photographs relating to the history of the Liverpool Art School from its establishment in 1905 until the mid-1950s and some papers relating to the subsequent period until the establishment of Liverpool Polytechnic in 1970

  • Punch Contributor Ledgers - accompanying a LJMU research project this is a digitised set of documents held only by the British Library. Together the Punch Contributor Ledgers (1843-1846) reveal something of the character of the magazine as well as the identity of the regular contributors, thus illuminating the network of writers and illustrators who worked - often anonymously- in the literary marketplace of the nineteenth century

  • Stafford Beer Collection: a selection from the papers of Stafford Beer (1926-2002), founder of management cybernetics and former Honorary Professor of Organisational Transformation at LJMU

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