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               The World of Work Careers Centre at LJMU.

At LJMU we take employability of all our students very seriously. From 2011 we have offered all Summer Semester students the opportunity to take part in the unique World of Work  programme as an integral part of your studies.

The World of World  skills programme is a globally unique Higher Education programme that aims to help all students prepare for their transition from University into employment or study giving you “more than a degree”

The World of World skills programme is only available to LJMU students ~ no other University offers this programme. It  consists of 4 components ~ Bronze, Silver, Gold and Employer Interview.

During the duration of the Summer Semester programme all students will be offered workshops and the opportunity to submit for the Bronze ( Self Awareness ) component as part of the programme.

For further information and the opportunity to watch a World of Work video click here.

Those students who continue their studies onto Masters Level at LJMU will get the opportunity to complete the remaining stages of the World of Work  programme.

Further details about the World of Work  programme can be found on the World of Work Careers Centre website or by emailing the programme team at


Page last modified 16 October 2013.

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