BA (Hons) Mass Communications

Faculty of Arts, Professional & Social Studies

Introduction to the course

The BA (Hons) Mass Communications Summer Programme is taught by the School of Humanities and Social Science.

The BA (Hons) Mass Communications Programme is an integrated theorectical programme which does not include practical or production work. Whilst you are here with us, we will be asking you to undertake a series of critical studies and we would like you to take this opportunity to reflect upon and evaluate the practical work or work experience you will have carried out at your home institutions. We aim to provide a high quality teaching and learning experience for students. Our modules are designed to provide challenging and interesting educational experiences for students that encourage critical awareness and independent study. We hope you enjoy your experience here as much as we have enjoyed designing the new programme.

Best wishes

Dr Iqbal Akthar 

Programme Leader

For further information please contact Dr Akthar at

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