BSc (Hons) Building Contract Management

Faculty of Technology and Environment

School of Built Environment

Introduction to the course

Your Programme Leader for this course in Building Contract Management is Dianne Marsh who can be contacted via email at if you require any further information. 

The aims and objectives of the proposed programme are in accordance with the School of the Built Environment mission statement and strategic aims. The aims and objectives of the programme also reflect the University’s strategic plan of providing high quality vocational education that is grounded in academic and business needs.

 To provide a well-balanced education which allows the student to achieve his/her full academic potential at first degree level and in doing so to facilitate the development of independent logical thought and judgement.
 To enable the student to develop his/her intellectual, analytical and critical abilities in order that he/she might exercise those abilities within the disciplines which constitute Built Environment studies.
 To produce a basis for general professional experience and to encourage a consciousness of the professional, business and commercial environment.
 To facilitate the development of transferable and graduate employability skills and an awareness of the need to plan, develop and record life long learning.
 To provide the framework within which students can achieve the level of attainment, appropriate to their abilities in the context of the programme of study that provides recognition of that level.
 To provide a medium for Honours students to explore the potential of their acquired knowledge and to pursue those aspects which they find most stimulating.
Please click here for the Building Contract Management Factfile.


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