BEng (Hons) Electronics & Control Systems Engineering

Faculty of Technology and Environment

School of Engineering, Technology & Maritime Operations


The school has an excellent research rating in Elecrical & Electronic Engineering and in General Engineering from the UK Government agency responsible for assessing its quality, with a high proporation of the work being of international standard.

The course content is very much of an applied nature and is designed to link to areas of potential employment in electronics and control engineering. The programme is structured using a number of different delivery methods.

Teaching methods vary from small group tutorials, seminars and workshops, through formal lectures to computer based laboratory work. Assessment is through a combination of coursework, such as laboratory reports, design assignments, and formal examiniations.

The Programme Leader for this course in Electronics & Control Systems Engineering is Dr Mike Shaw who can be contacted via email at if you require any further information.

Please click here for the Electronics & Control Systems Engineering Factfile.

Page last modified 18 October 2013.

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