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Application Process

Q: How do I apply for the 2015 Summer Semester Programme?
A: Application forms for 2015 are available online on the Application Process page of this site. Applications for 2015 are open to students from TMC Academy Singapore only. The deadline date for applications is 31st January 2015. A deposit payment of £500 is also required by 31st January 2015. For  those students who will receive their results in March 2015, the application portal will reopen from 6th -20th March 2015 to receive your application form and deposit.


Q: How much are the tuiton fees?
A: Please email Maureen Evans on for this information.

Q: How do I pay my tuition fees?
A: Tuition fees will be paid online via  uni pay. This includes the payment of £500 at the application stage.No other method of payment is allowed.

Q: What does the tuition fee include?
A: The tuition fee includes your course fee, your accomodation costs and medical insurance.

Q: How do we open a bank account in the UK?
A: We will include in your welcome pack all the necessary information regarding opening a bank account in the UK. We will supply you with a letter  of introduction from LJMU which the bank will need to prove that you are an LJMU student.


Q: Do I require a visa entry for the UK?
A: Due to recent changes in rules regarding visa applications, we advise students to refer to the various websites below for information regarding visas to ensure they have the most up to date information .

You can also seek guidance from our International/EU Welfare advisor Caroline O'Rourke at

Useful websites include:


Arriving in Liverpool

Q:When should I arrive in Liverpool?
A: You should aim to arrive in Liverpool between 22nd -24th May 2015. You must also have advised us of your travel details by 4th May 2015 on the LJMU proforma ( this will be emailed to you to copmplete and returnto us). Please be advised that if you arrive outside these dates you will need to arrange you own transportation to the halls of residence and if you arrive before 22nd May you will need  to arrange your own accomodation.

Q: Will the university pick me up at the airport?
A: Yes, if you arrive during the LJMU arrivals weekend  22nd -24th May 2015 into Manchester Airport. You must also have advised us of your travel details by 4th May 2015 on the LJMU proforma. Please be advised that if you arrive outside of this period or at any other UK airport you will have to make your own way to Liverpool.

Q: What if I'm making my own way to Liverpool?
A: You can arrive by train, details available at
You can also arrive by coach, details available at  
There is an excellent section on Manchester airport's website on how to travel from the airport,

Q: Who should I give my travel details to?
A: Please email your travel details to .Please do this as soon as your travel arrangements have been confirmed and before the deadline - 4th May 2015. You still need to complete the LJMU proforma if you are making your own way to the accommodation.


Q: Can I work during the Summer Semester programme?
A: No, you are NOT allowed to work during the programme under any circumstances.


Q: Can I change my accommodation group?
A: If you are unhappy with your group, please speak to the staff at the accommodation on arrival. They will deal with any room change requests once all students have arrived. They will do whatever they can to ensure that you are happy with your living arrangements.

Q: Does the accomodation have internet access?
A: Yes, Internet access is available at your accommodation free of charge.

Q: Do we have televisions in our rooms?
A: You have a television in the communal area of your flat that you share with your flatmates but there is not an individual one in each room.

Q: Is the internet access free and unlimited?
A: Internet access is free and unlimited. It should be used for your studies and research, downloading movies and games will cause problems with the service so please be considerate to your fellow students. Please note that the use of routers/wireless devices are not permitted at Liberty Atlantic Point.

Q: Do we have telephones in our rooms?
A: Yes there are telephones in your rooms that you can use to call each other, free of charge. You can also take incoming calls from family and friends. Full details will be available in the welcome booklet you will receive from the accomodation providers upon arrival.

What do we need to bring to the UK?

Q: Do we need to bring pillows and bed linen?
A: Duvets, pillows and bed linen are all provided by the accommodation providers so you do not need to bring any of these items.

Q: Do we need to bring electrical adaptors?
A: The voltage in the UK is the same as in Malaysia.

Q: Do we need to bring a printer to the UK?
A: You can buy printers here in the UK for as little as £30.00. Printing services are available in the LJMU Libraries, there is a fee payable for this service.

Q: Do we need to bring crockery etc?
A: Your room will be equipped with crockery and cutlery but you will need to buy pots and pans upon arrival. There are plenty of cheap shops where you can buy them in Liverpool. We suggest you buy them here and share with your housemates.

Q: What clothing should I bring for my stay?
A: Although you will be visiting in the summer, the British climate can be unpredictable and you will need to bring some warm clothes with you. A waterproof coat or jacket is essential. If you do not have warm clothes it is advisable to buy these once you are in Liverpool as they will probably be much cheaper in the UK.

Q: Can I bring some of my favourite foods with me?
A: It is illegal to bring meat, fish plants and honey into the UK. Please see the HM Custom and Excise website for prohibited good. Liverpool has lots of supermarkets selling a variety of foods from all over the world where you can purchase your favourite foods cheaply. 


Q: LJMU has a lot of sites - how will I find my way around?
A: Don't worry about this, we will provide a map of all LJMU sites and Liverpool in your welcome pack which you will receive when you arrive at your halls of residence.

Q: What sporting facilities are available at LJMU?
A: LJMU offers a selection of sporting activites for students at the I.M.Marsh campus. In addition, LJMU students are entitled to free off-peak Lifestyles Fitness Centres membership. Check out the website for further details - Sport at LJMU

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of money I can bring into the UK?
A: There is no limit on the amount of money you can bring into the UK. You need to be sensible regarding the amount of cash you bring into the UK for your own safety. Do not bring lots of cash, instead bring travellers cheques, or bank drafts. You will need some sterling for your immediate expenses - about £100 should be enough.

Q: Is Liverpool welcoming to people of different Faiths?
A: The LJMU chaplaincy team are happy to help, advise, and support all students from faith traditions who wish to practice their faith whilst in Liverpool, for example help with finding places of worship, and are also available to offer spiritual support and guidance to those of all faiths and those of none.
Full details are available at

Q: Do we need to carry our passports around with us for identification purposes?
A: You do not need to carry your passport with you.  Please leave your passport in your room in a safe place.

Q: Can I drive when I am in the UK?
A: If you hold a valid driving licence or international driving permit from your home country, you will be able to drive in the UK for 12 months. After that time the licence is not longer valid in the UK. Your car will need to be taxed, insured, registered and road-worthy.

Masters Programmes

Q: I want to continue with a Masters after the Summer Semester programme, what should I do?
A: LJMU offers a variety of programmes at Masters level and generous scholarships for international students are available. If you are interested in postgraduate study please speak to your programme leader and check out the LJMU website for lots of valuable information


Support/Health/Medical Care/Emergencies

Q: Who/where do I go for support if I have a concern or problem?
A: There are many people at LJMU to support you with any concerns, worries or problems. In the first instance, contact Maureen Evans on 0151 904 6480 or email -
Every Summer Semester student has a Programme Leader who can also be contacted for support. Details of how to contact your Programme Leader are contained in your welcome pack which will be in your accomodation when you arrive.
In addition the LJMU Student Advice & Wellbeing Team with specialist knowledge and experience . Full details are available at

Q: What vaccinations do I need?
A: It is advisable for students attending the Summer Semester programme to check their vaccination situation before travelling. Before leaving your home country you should have the following vaccinations:
- Measles, Mumps and Rubella
- Meningitis
- Pulmonary tuberclosis (TB)

Q: When are Chemists/Pharmacies open?
A: Chemists (pharmacies) are open generally from 9am - 6pm with some stores being open untill 8pm. These are places where you can buy standard Western medication as well as get any doctor's prescriptions filled. If you have a minor ailment, a pharmacist can advise about treatment and recommend over the counter medications.

Q: Is tap water drinkable?
A: You can drink water from the tap in the kitchen areas but not from the tap in the bathroom areas.

Q: What is the number for the emergency services in the UK
A: Police, Fire and Ambulance services can be contacted free by calling 999

Q: Where is the nearest hospital to my accommodation?
A: The nearest hospital is The Royal Liverpool Hospital Trust, Prescot Street, Liverpool. Tel: 0151 706 2000

Q: What is my position as an International student with regard to medical services whilst I am here?
A: International students staying in the UK for less than six months are only entitled to basic emergency services free of charge on the National Health Service (NHS). Emergency treatment includes only the minimum requirement to save a life, any further treatment is defined as non-emergency and you will be charged for it. LJMU have taken out health insurance on your behalf which starts when you arrive in the UK and finishes on the day you leave your accommodation. You will receive details of the insurance cover in your welcome pack outlining where you need to go if you have a health problem and how to make a claim on the policy. If you fall ill and need to see a doctor or attend hospital, you will need to advise them that you have medical insurance via LJMU.  

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