BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying Studies

 Faculty of Technology and Environment

School of Built Environment

Introduction to the course

Your Programme Leader for this course in Quantitiy Surveying Studies is Dianne Marsh who can be contacted via email at  if you require any further information.

The aim of the course is to provide:

 A programme of study in Quantity Surveying which facilitates acquisition of the essential skills and knowledge of the subject across a wide variety of application domains focusing   upon the technologies and processes available to produce building projects.

 Students with appropriate learning experiences to enable them to develop their skills and attitudes as independent researchers and innovative problem solvers to the fullest possible potential.

 To make students aware of existing and future issues in the construction and property industry and how they are likely to impinge on the role and function of the Quantity Surveyor.
 To develop the student's management skills in the areas of projects, people and information.

 To make the student aware of the responsibilities of the Quantity Surveyor in relation to sustainability and the environmental impact of the construction process and environmental issues within the construction and property industry.
Please click here for the Quantity Surveying Studies factfile

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