BA (Hons) Tourism Leisure & Hospitality

Introduction to the programme

We would like to welcome you to the Faculty of Education, Health & Community at Liverpool John Moores University. The programme, established in 2005, enables suitably qualified students from Malaysia and Singapore to study for a 120 credit top-up degree. Students graduate with an LJMU honours degree – BA (Hons) Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality / BA (Hons) Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure.

We have a team of experienced staff to support you in your studies at LJMU. In addition to experienced and well-qualified academic staff, we have administrative and technical staff to offer support. The Programme Leader is responsible for all aspects of the programme, and ensuring that you have a rewarding experience whilst studying with  LJMU. You will be provided with a personal tutor who will guide and support you throughout the course. They will be the first point of contact should you have any questions or problems throughout the summer programme. Module Leaders and tutors are responsible for the individual modules of the programme. LJMU has a large infrastructure of support for Summer Semester students, and the Summer Semester Website has a wealth of generic information.

In addition to gaining an honours degree, if you make the most of all the opportunities provided by the programme, we feel sure that you will benefit both personally and professionally. Whilst the attainment of a BA Honours degree will greatly enhance your career opportunities, the experience of living for fifteen weeks in a different country (and continent!) will greatly contribute to your personal development.

Please click here for theTourism, Leisure and Hospitality Factfile. 


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