The School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences (PBS)


Pharmacy - blue pills
BioChemistry - DNA
Biomedical - test tube 
Forensic science - scene of the crime lab
ACAPS - perti dish

  • The School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Sciences


    located in the Byrom Street Campus, offers a wide variety of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level for full time and part time students. The school prides itself on the practical, hands-on content of our courses thus giving our students a distinct advantage when applying for work and then in the actual work place.

  • Research


    Liverpool John Moores University is one of the leading research-active new universities in the UK, combining areas of world-leading, international and national excellence in research. The school of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences offers both outstanding facilities and great expertise through its research staff. Funding to support research activities is obtained from a wide variety of sources including the British Council, Research Councils, Department of Health, European Commission, Swiss Government, and reflecting our particular interests in the applied aspects of the subjects, directly from industrial companies. Consultancies and joint projects are on-going with AstraZeneca, Ineos Fluor, Colorcon Ltd (UK), Manesty Machines, Organic Intermediates, Pfizer Ltd (UK) and East West Herbs Ltd (UK). Additionally, international collaboration with other university research groups in China, France, Spain, Slovakia, Iran, Thailand, and many other countries is also a strong feature of our research activities.

  • Facilities


    The school has a number of large multi-purpose teaching laboratories, as well as specialised laboratories for the teaching of Pharmacy Practice & Pharmacy Care, Forensics, DNA analysis, Pharmaceutical Technology, targeting of drugs, chemical synthesis, instrumental chemical analysis, spectroscopic studies, microscopy and IT.

  • Courses


    We offer a wide range of research led undergraduate degree programmes as well as foundation programmes in the biosciences which support the whole of the Faculty of Science and we also have a number of postgraduate students studying for MSc, MPhil and PhD degrees.
    The school curriculum, culture and philosophy is directed towards personal development within a framework of professional practice supported by the most contemporary methodology and technologies..



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