Costco is a wholesaler membership warehouse club which sells a wide variety of brand name merchandise at low warehouse prices. Costco is not open to the general public and membership is required.

The annual membership fee is £25.00 (plus VAT) for the primary card holder, which includes a spouse card. An additional card is £12.00 (plus VAT).


Special offer

To join all you have to do is take your LJMU Card or payslip plus 1 home utility bill along to the store. LJMU staff will receive a free gift subject to change.

This offer is exclusive to the Liverpool Warehouse only.

What it means to you

  • For an annual fee you will be able to purchase a wide range of nationally branded and selected private label products at substantially reduced prices
  • You will have access to quality fresh foods departments, including fresh meat, produce and bakery
  • Wide assortment of non-food items, including Digital Photo Centre and Tyre Centre
  • Self-service purchase of your supplies from one source, with products packaged and sold in bulk quantities
  • Membership is valid at all of their 470 locations worldwide

Page last modified 08 March 2013.

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