Annual Leave Entitlement

The holiday year runs -

  • 1 September to 31 August - For all Staff

In addition to statutory Bank Holidays, local discretionary holidays and days when the institution is closed in the interests of efficiency, full-time staff are entitled to the following during the course of the leave year (For part-time staff, this will be calculated on a pro-rata basis):

Staff employed on Grade 3 - 7 are entitled to 30 days paid annual leave

Staff employed on Grade 8 -10 are entitled to 35 days paid annual leave

In the holiday year in which your employment commences or terminates, your holiday entitlement will accrue on a pro-rata basis for each complete month of service; on the termination of your employment, holiday pay will be worked out on a similar basis.

You should agree your dates of holiday with your line manager before you book holiday - they are entitled to withold leave if they feel pressure of work makes your absence unreasonable, so check first! You are expected to take your full holiday entitlement, but you may be able to carry up to 5 days leave (pro rata for part time staff) into the next holiday year, if expressly agreed by your line manager.

Your holiday entitlement is part of your terms and conditions of employment and appears on your contract of employment. If you have a particular query regarding your entitlement, please contact your line manager in the first instance or your HR Adviser.

Further information can also be found about Special Leave in the A-Z of policies, procedures and guidelines on the lefthand menu link.

More details can be found in the Staff Handbook (hard copy also available from HR).

Page last modified 27 January 2014.

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