On-line Progress Report User Guide

On-line Progress Report User Guide


The University’s approach to learner-centred services has two objectives:

  • For students: the provision of a student portal to provide integrated, intuitive online access to a range of systems and services to improve the student experience.
  • For student support staff: provision of integrated, easily accessible, online access to a 360 degree view of students from their initial enquiry through to graduation using portal technology.

The On-line Progress Report is one element of a Student Portal development that uses Blackboard technology.   It is designed to give you access to your results in real time and contains personal information as well as information concerning your programme and your current progress.   An example Progress Report is available by clicking here (see bottom of page for further details).

This User Guide will help you to find your way around the On-line Progress Report.

It is important that you check all of the details in the On-line Progress Report carefully.   If any details are incorrect, you must contact the relevant parties as soon as possible; please consult your Programme Handbook for further details.

Please note that reference should also be made to:

  • the full University Modular Framework (UMF) Regulations
  • the onclick="if (confirm('Do you want to view the following page in a new window?')){this.target='_blank';}return true">University Student Handbook 
  • any documentation (e.g. Programme and Module Handbooks) provided by your Programme Leader

Page last modified 11 August 2011.

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