Disciplinary Procedures


The Computing Facilities Conditions of Use define the terms under which LJMU Computer Services are used. Serious breaches of these terms are dealt with under the University's Student Disciplinary Procedures Appendix II(ivb), or if necessary, for staff, under the Staff Disciplinary Procedures. Less serious breaches however still carry sanctions which may be applied directly by Planning and Information, and the possible nature of such breaches and the sanctions applied are outlined here.

Examples of Misuse

Any misuse that could cause either loss of service generally or interfere with the work of another user either in the University or elsewhere is a breach of the Conditions of Use. The following are examples:

Issuing Username / Password Details to 3rd Parties.

  • Under NO circumstances should computing username and password details be passed on to other persons

Sending messages to other networked users via the Netsend command

  • Users are NOT permitted to contact other users by using the Netsend command

Abuse of E-mail

  • The sending of offensive or unnecessary messages
  • Antisocial, 'junk mail' or nuisance mail
  • Excessive use of e-mail
  • Persistent use of e-mail for recreational purposes
  • Mail forgery

Student users should be aware that where abuse is suspected, email facilities may be withdrawn for a pre determined length of time.

World Wide Web Browsers

  • Access to the Internet is provided for academic purposes. The downloading and storing of files from the Internet is subject to the same conditions as any other use, i.e. the files must be for legitimate productive academic use.


  • Use of the systems to transmit, store or display pornographic or other offensive material, whether via the Internet or otherwise is strictly prohibited.

Malicious 'Systems Programming'

The following are not permitted:

  • Trojan Horse or other password capturing programs.
  • The introduction of a virus, worm or similar device.
  • Malicious 'Systems Programming'
  • Running any software specifically intended to circumvent or defeat normal system procedures, e.g. to prevent use of a PC by others, or for other antisocial purposes.

Playing of Games

  • The playing of games of any kind is not allowed.

Tampering with Hardware

  • Tampering with computer hardware in any malicious way, e.g. the unplugging of ANY university hardware to charge laptops/ mobile phones etc..

Procedures for Misuse 

1) Warning

  • When misuse of the computing facilities comes to light, the user will normally receive a warning asking him/her to stop the offending activity.
  • Further warnings may be given, depending on the seriousness of the misuse.
  • A record will be kept of all warnings.

2) Banning

  • An offending user may be banned from using the computing facilities for a period. The user's username/password will be deactivated and logging on to any of the systems prevented.
  • The user's supervisor may be sent a letter informing them of the action taken.
  • The user will be notified as to when his or hers access rights will be restored.

3) Further Action

  • Persistent misuse will result in these sanctions being applied with greater severity, i.e. banning for a longer period.
  • The user's department will be kept informed.
  • The case will be referred to the University's disciplinary procedures if necessary.
  • These procedures may include the recovery of costs incurred by the University as a result of the offending action, from the user.

4) Legal Action

  • Where appropriate, the University will not hesitate to refer a case to the Police to initiate legal action and to provide evidence where necessary.

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Page last modified 11 August 2011.

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