Anonymous Marking

Anonymous Marking


JMU operates an anonymous marking scheme. Written examinations will be marked without the examiner being aware of the candidate's identity. Further information regarding JMU's Anonymous Marking Strategy click here.

Anonymous Marking ' the evaluation of assessment evidence where the candidates identity is masked during the marking and initial moderation period prior to the inputting of the resultant component marks into the student record system.'

Examination answer books are 12 pages and 16 pages with a self-adhesive fold down flap in the top right hand corner. The flap is also perforated for ease of opening.

AM cover sheets are available for those examinations where the answer is written directly on to the question paper.

In the case of students with disabilities who may have special examination requirements, the University will take all reasonable steps to ensure anonymity. However in some cases, we acknowledge that this may not be possible, such as in the case of candidates who require the use of a PC or coloured writing paper etc. Such candidates should be assured that our system of internal and external moderation also ensures the integrity of assessment practices.

Marking of scripts

The invigilator will pass the scripts to the Module Leader via the established procedures of the School. Where scripts are distributed to a module team, it is recommended, as a matter of good practice that team members count and sign for the number of scripts that they have received.
Scripts should be marked and initially moderated as per the current practice in each School. Once the scripts have been marked [and double marked if that is the practice for the module] and the mark finalised, then the student's identity should be revealed and the mark put on the mark sheet in the normal manner.
The marks are then input in the usual way. At this stage, anonymity ends.

Candidates suspected of cheating or other academic misconduct during assessment may forfeit their right to anonymity so that appropriate investigations may be made.

Page last modified 20 September 2005.

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