Approved University Rubric for all Written Exams

Approved University Rubric for all Written Exams

The title page of all examination papers must provide [at least] the following information:

Liverpool John Moores University

Name of School

Full title of course/module

Module CodeYear/Level

Full title of paper (if different from module title)

Assessment period [i.e. Semester 2, May 2004]

Number of pages [i.e. page 1 of 5] all pages must be numbered.

Duration of examination [i.e. 3 hours]

Instructions to Candidates

The number of questions on paperAny specific information about questions to be answered - must be clear and unambiguous

Mark weightings for questions

Special instructions about other materials provided (i.e. case study, EDPAC sheets, maths formula books etc)

Other materials (if any) which students are permitted to bring into the examination other than normal writing and drawing implements and a calculator [Only those materials as specified in the rubric may be permitted in the examination][See Appendix A, UMF Regs].

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