PRINT Policies and Protocols

Approved PRINT Policies and Protocols

The following policies and protocols have been agreed in principle by the Strategic Management Group (SMG) on 18 March 2008

  1. Print, photocopying and scanning services are considered to be a given part of the workplace infrastructure (akin to electrical and plumbing services).  Consequently, budget holders should not normally be purchasing and maintaining other PRINT equipment and should actively encourage staff to phase out use of costly deskjet, laserjet and fax devices. 
  2. The PRINT infrastructure for staff will operate with default settings of double sided, black and white printing with follow-me, selected job release rather than auto print on submission.
  3. Success of the PRINT Strategy depends upon staff understanding and recognising that it is not cost effective for them to be carrying out time-consuming printing and photocopying jobs on local print devices.  All staff are encouraged to make full use of the Print Room facilities.
  4. As well as migrating work to the Print Room from within LJMU, it is important that all printing jobs which require binding or other finishing should be directed to the Print Room so that LJMU can act as broker to decide whether work can be completed in-house or placed with approved external firms of printers. 
  5. The Print Room will use paper with recycled content as the norm.  From 2008/9, it is also proposed that the paper for the fleet of MFDs, which will be centrally accounted for and locally ordered, will also be with a recycled content, unless the price difference is material.  This is in line with a commitment that LJMU made to WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) in December 2005 that copier paper and office paper would have a minimum recycled content of 70 percent.
  6. The decision of the Academic Board about assignments from students prevails.  At its meeting on 20th September 1999, Academic Board agreed that students should normally submit course work printed on both sides of the page.  (This does not apply to PhD theses which are required to be submitted double-spaced on single pages.)  As well as saving students money, the policy is in line with the first aim of the PRINT Strategy, reducing the amount of paper LJMU uses, providing this is without detriment to teaching and learning and administrative functions.


Page last modified 10 April 2008.

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