Liverpool Schools Award Ceremony, date - 2 July 2010

Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College:  Megan Challiner

Megan has undertaken voluntary work at Shy Lowen Horse and Pony Sanctuary for more than 2 years. She looks after rescue horses and works to regain the trust of those who have been subject to abuse. Megan also teaches new volunteers the skills required to fulfil these tasks.

Megan has undertaken pony rides and teaching sessions for disabled children visiting the sanctuary. In addition Megan takes part in fundraising activities, participates in the care committee, and is currently the school Volunteer of the Year.

Bellerive FCJ Catholic College: Harriet Fay

Harriet is an asset, not only to the Bellerive School Community, but also to her local community. She is pro-active in her approach to helping others. This is evident when she volunteers to raise money for charity.   In the current academic year she has baked cakes and sold them for funds to aid Claire House children’s hospice and The Good Shepherd Fund. She is inspirational to all girls in her year group.

Outside school Harriet has started the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, she has completed a sponsored run for Sports Relief and, with her mum, will be helping in a `soup kitchen’ at Christmas.

Harriet is an exemplary young citizen and the school is very proud of her.

Broughton Hall School: Jayne Murray

Jayne cares for her elderly grandfather by cleaning, cooking and doing other domestic jobs.

She has set up a music club in school for key stage 3 students and the sixth form which meets every week. Jayne visits a primary school every week and helps children with their reading. In addition Jayne also goes on the Lourdes pilgrimage every year and looks after a person with a disability for the whole week.

Jayne is a caring person, she is well mannered and will always volunteer to help others in need.

Calderstones High School:  Anthony Diboe

After finding out about his medical condition, all Anthony wanted to do was to return to school so that he did not miss out of any of his studies.  Even after missing a large part of Year 8, Anthony’s drive to catch up with the work he had missed, and to remain in the highest sets, was a pleasure to see and an inspiration to his peers.

It has been a struggle for Anthony to get used to the medication since his operation, which often results in him being very tired. He has also lost part of his sight.   Despite this, Anthony has continued his high standards of attendance and behaviour as well as his determination to be a success. Anthony has achieved his goal by being placed in the top sets for the start of his GCSE courses in Year 10.

Anthony continues to strive to succeed in all he does. He is always cheerful and has a willingness to please everyone. He is an integral member of the year group and is popular amongst both his peers and teachers. He is a delight to teach and simply a pleasure to be around.

Anthony is everything a good citizen should be. When others witness his standards of effort, enthusiasm and cheerfulness, in and out of school, despite all that he has had to endure, he has been an inspiration to everyone who knows him.

Childwall Sports College:  John England

John has supported the school’s English as Additional Language Department and its staff throughout his time in the 6th form. He has given 100% attendance to this role.

John has also represented the school at the Annual Remembrance Day Service. He is very committed, enthusiastic and ambitious.

Christian Fellowship School: Cherry Farrington

Cherry has undertaken years and outstanding and sustained voluntary work and community service. She gives 5 hours each week to work with children in the community, assisting with travel, organising church-based activities and visiting their families.

Cherry also co-ordinated an imaginative two-night sleepover simulating `slum conditions’ to raise money for work in developing countries. In addition, Cherry took steps to pursue police action related to a burglary she witnessed and also raised the matter of the police response with her local MP.

Cherry has been an approachable student council prefect in whom younger girls in the school have confided for emotional support in troubled times.

St John Bosco Catholic School: Deanna Matthews and Emily Hall

Deanna and Emily have been representatives on the Tackling Racism, Promoting Diversity programme. The have participated in conferences and workshops. They have both visited Poland to witness the effects of racism in World War II and have worked with the Anthony Walker Foundation to explore racism in our community.

Deanna and Emily have developed an education workshop programme for Junior Schools aimed at educating and challenging racism and `gun, gang, knife’ culture.

St Margaret’s CofE High School: Thomas Cowan

Within the school context Thomas has consistently provided support for school projects and activities such as raising funds for children’s charities through the nationally recognised `Streets of Culture’ project.

Thomas has also been a key player in the school’s Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, supporting staff and facilitating others in the satisfactory completion of their awards. Thomas has made a significant contribution to the smooth running of the school in his capacity as prefect, and more recently as Head Boy.

Outside school Thomas has helped run a summer school holiday club for 4-11 year olds in his local parish. He gives weekly leadership support in a youth group and has participated in many charity events including a 24-hour famine for World Vision which gives support to women forced into the sex trade. At present, Thomas is raising funds through various activities such as car washing, cake making, card making, organising a `Battle of the Bands’ competition and a `Last Night of the Proms’ to raise money for his World Challenge trip to Bolivia next year.

Thomas is an outstanding student and is an excellent role model to both older and younger students in St Margaret’s High School.

Woolton High School: Tom Foster

Tom deserves this award because he is an integral part of the school community at Woolton High School. Tom is an inspirational leader as the Captain of the School Football Team. He is the Chairman of the School Council, a positive role model as a Peer Mentor and has represented the school as a student ambassador on Community Cohesion Projects. Furthermore Tom initially worked, on a voluntary basis, as Care Assistant in a Children’s Nursery. To his credit Tom secured a part-time job as a result. Tom Foster is a remarkably mature young man who is able to mix as well with his peers as he with adults.



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