Delegation of Functions and Committees

Section 5

  1. Subject to the following provisions of this Article, the Board of Governors may establish committees for any purpose or function, other than those assigned to the Principal or the Academic Board or a Special Committee by the Articles, and may delegate powers to such a committee or to the Chair of the Board of Governors or to the Principal.

  2. The Board of Governors shall establish a committee or committees to determine or advise on such matters relating to employment policy or finance as the Board of Governors may remit to them. Staff Governors and Student Governors shall not be included as members of that committee or those committees.

  3. The Board of Governors shall not, however, delegate the following:

    -the determination of the educational character and mission of the University;

    -the approval of the annual estimates of income and expenditure;

    -ensuring the solvency of the University and the Corporation and the safeguarding of their assets;

    -the appointment or dismissal of the Principal;

    -the varying or revoking of these Articles.

  4. The Board of Governors shall appoint an Audit Committee in accordance with guidance issued by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

  5. Subject to any conditions that the Board of Governors may impose, the proceedings of a committee of the Board of Governors shall be governed by the provisions of these Articles regulating the proceedings of the Board of Governors so far as they are capable of being applied.

Page last modified 25 July 2005.

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