Technical Guidance & Good Practice notes


The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has produced a number of good practice and technical guidance notes.  Links to those notes of relevance to the University sector are provided below.  Also listed below are some LJMU specific guidance notes.  If you require any guidance in applying any of the advice or recommendations contained in the notes, or would like advice on any data protection matter, please contact the Data Protection Officer on tel: 0151 231 3116, or email:

Checklist for Handling Requests for Personal Information

New Staff Guidance  

Provision of Consent to Process Personal Data and Data Protection Statements

Subject Access and Employment References

Guidance for External Examiners

CCTV Systems and the Data Protection Act

Data Protection Act 1998 and the Right to Prevent Processing

Releasing Personal Information to Prevent or Detect Crime

Data Protection Privacy Impact Assessments

Personal Data of the Deceased

Working from Home/Remote Working

Bring Your Own Device (advice from the ICO)

Data Protection - Responding to Requests for Information (all staff)

Fax Machine - Guidance on the Secure Use of Fax Machines

Fax Template Cover Sheet

EU Document Retention and Data Protection Policy


Page last modified 22 January 2015.

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