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What is Sport Start Volunteering?

Sport Start Volunteering is all about supporting students at Liverpool John Moores University. (Volunteers like yourselves working at local level – in clubs, teams or community organisations.)

The volunteers, through a number of different roles, bring the benefits of sport to these communities. Volunteers can take up posts that include coaching, events organization, and assisting coaches and sports administration.

Mission, Aims and Values

Sport Start Volunteering is here to provide volunteers working in sports with the skills and support that they need.

We aim for people to start, stay and succeed in sport through developing the sports skills in volunteering.

Sport Start Volunteering offers skills, support and training to all those people who are already volunteering or who want to volunteer in sport – whether in affiliated organisations, local clubs or other informal associations.

Volunteering fact: There are 5,821,400 sport volunteers in England.
This information comes from the 'Sports Volunteering in England' research document commissioned by Sport England in 2002.

Page last modified 12 March 2008.

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