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Professor Greg Atkinson

Professor of Biological Rhythm Research, Leader of the Chronobiology Research Group

Since Greg’s return to RISES in 2004, he has managed the Chronobiology Research group. There are six PhD students working within the group. Greg manages the dissemination of internal monies to group members for equipment, etc. He also formulates research strategies and plans. He represents the group on the RISES board and keeps records of research output and grant applications made by group members. The work of the Chronobiology Research group was a major strand in the RAE submission.

Research Grants

For a detailed breakdown of research funding acquired since 2004 please see this document.

Research and Publications

Greg’s primary research agenda is in chronobiology. His overlapping research agendas are in Biostatistics and Ergonomics, which evidences both range and quality of research outputs. He has published a total of 69 research manuscripts since January 2006 (160 in total) in Journals included in the Science Citation Index (SCI). His publications have been cited in 2134 other published manuscripts. He has also authored two entries (Shift-work and Jet-lag) in the Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine and Sleep Medicine. The number of citations of his paper on measurement error (Atkinson and Nevill, Sports Med 1998;26:217-238) has, in the last 3 years, grown to a total of 463, making it the most cited article amongst the 5000 published from a dedicated UK Sport and Exercise Sciences Department between 1970 and 2006.

Invited speaker duties
  • Invited lecture on human circadian rhythms (University of Hull, 2006)
  • BASES workshop on Environmental Physiology (University of Teesside, 2006)
  • BASES workshop on Research Methods (Liverpool, 2007)
  • Chair of ACSM symposium on Biological Rhythms and Health (New Orleans, 2007)
  • MedSci Conference on Human Cardiovascular Circadian Rhythms (New Zealand, 2007)
  • ECSS congress: Symposium on thermoregulation (Portugal, 2008). Chair of two other sessions.
  • Invited lecture for International Course on Chronopharmacology (University of Mannheim, 2007 and 2008)
  • FINA congress: Invited lecture on circadian rhythms and swimming performance (Manchester, 2008)
  • UK Society for Behavioural Medicine: NPRI invited speaker (Exeter, 2009)
  • Japanese Physiological Society: invited speaker on thermoregulation and time of day (Kyoto, 2009)
  • The Royal Society: Presenter at joint workshop (University of Witwatersrand, 2009)
  • The Physiological Society: Organiser, Chair and presenter of symposium on human circadian rhythms (Manchester, 2010)
  • The Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors: Organiser and presenter in the “Tom Reilly Symposium” (Keele, 2010)
Leadership in Academic Societies
  • Research editor for BASES publication, ‘The Sport and Exercise Scientist’ (2006-2008). Member of the Ergonomics Society. Co-organiser of International Conference on Sport Leisure and Ergonomics (2007). See also ‘Awards and Prizes’
  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (FRSS)
  • Member of the Physiological Society. Organiser of a symposium at ‘Physiology 2010’ (Annual conference, Manchester)
  • Member of the European College of Sport Science
  • Guest Editor of Physiology and Behavior, and Ergonomics
  • Member of Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) Scientific Committee – Mathematical modelling in sport congress (Salford, 2007 and 2011)
  • Scientific committee – International Society for Chronobiology Conference. Viga, Spain 2010
  • Scientific committee – European College of Sport Science annual congress (Liverpool, 2011)
Successful/Current PhD supervision (2006-present)
  • Helen Jones – Chronobiology/Cardiovascular Physiology (completed 2007)
  • Vahid Sari-Saraf - Exercise and Immune Function/Biostatistics (completed 2007)
  • Mohammad Zaregarizi – Chronobiology/ Cardiovascular Physiology (completed 2009)
  • Sarah Fullick – Shiftwork and Health (completed 2010)
  • Chris Morris – Shiftwork and Health (completed 2010)
  • Lee Graves – Childrens Physical Activity including use of WII-FIT (completed 2010)
  • Marc Laithwaite – Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (part-time, on-going)
  • Nia Lewis - Circadian variation in factors influencing syncope (ongoing)
  • Chloe Taylor - Sources of variation in human haemodynamics (on-going)
  • Colin Robertson – Training and time of day (part-time, on-going)
  • Tori Sprung – Physical Activity and PCOS (on-going)
  • Saiphon KongKum – Chronobiology/Cardiovascular Physiology (on-going)
  • Kelly Marrin – Chronobiology (part-time, on-going)
Invited MPhil/PhD examination duties (2006-present)
  • Clare Stephenson PhD (January, 2006)
  • Lisa Sharp PhD (February, 2006)
  • Howard Hurst MPhil (February, 2006)
  • Joanne Wallace PhD (April, 2007)
  • Shellina Skyrme MPhil (September, 2007)
  • Nicky Ridgers PhD (February 2007)
  • Meftah Mohammad Abgenah PhD (May 2008)
  • Chris Abbiss PhD (June, 2008)
  • James Faulkner PhD (December, 2008)
  • Vivienne Sullivan PhD (October, 2008)
  • Dave Barr PhD (Summer 2009)
  • Lawrence Foweather PhD (Spring 2010)
  • Matthew Green MPhil (Summer 2010)
  • Nour Altareki PhD (Summer 2010)
Awards and Prizes
  • Research Councils UK award to organise an event during National Science Week (March 2007)
  • Principal applicant and co-recipient of The Presidents Medal (Ergonomics Society) for world-leading research in Chronobiology (April, 2008) -
  • Director of Studies of recipient (Sarah Fullick) of a best poster prize at the European College of Sports Sciences annual conference (Portugal, 2008)
  • Director of Studies of recipient (Nia Lewis) of best combined oral and poster presentation at Institute of Health Research conference (Liverpool, 2009)
  • Director of Studies of recipient (Chloe Taylor) of best oral presentaionr award at Faculty of Science Conference (Liverpool, 2010)
  • Director of Studies of recipient (Nia Lewis) of best presentation involving an international collaboration at Institute of Health Research conference (Liverpool 2010)
  • Supervisor of recipient (Tori Sprung) of best poster award at Faculty of Science Conference (Liverpool, 2010).
  • Principal applicant of the 2010 BUPA research award for excellence in occupational medicine (November, 2010).
Editorial and Advisory Boards
  • Member of Editorial Advisory Board of British Medical Journal (BMJ Open)
  • Editor of International Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Member of the Cancer Prevention Research Network (Christie Hospital, Manchester)
  • Member of National Prevention Research Network community of researchers (Medical Research Council)
  • Scientific committee member for 1st WCSS International conference on Science and Cycling (Edinburgh, June, 2010).
Media work

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