Professor Jim Waterhouse

Emeritus Professor of Chronobiology

Jim Waterhouse is Professor of Biological Rhythms. He obtained his degrees from the University of Oxford.  He has worked in the field of circadian rhythms for 35 years and his interests centre on these rhythms in humans. He has studied the development of such rhythms in the neonate, their deterioration with ageing, and alterations to them after changes in the sleep-wake cycle (during shift work and after time-zone transitions, for example). These interests have required the development of methods to measure circadian rhythms in the field, and to be able to take into account the direct effects caused by sleep and activity. In pursuing these interests, he has worked with many groups, in both this and other countries.

Main interests
  • The purification of temperature rhythms to correct for the effects of activity;
  • Assessment of factors that influence food intake, particularly in shift workers;
  • The use of actimetry to assess welfare in cancer patients and adjustment ot work schedules in pilots and shift workers;
  • Circadian changes in the thermoregulatory responses to exercise.
Research Interests
  • Circadian rhythms in humans. The main areas are:
  • The purification of temperature data to correct for effects due to sleep and activity.
  • Problems due to shift work and time-zone transitions
  • The measurement of activity as a marker of general health
  • Factors influencing food intake
  • Circadian aspects of the thermal response to exercise
  • Alan Nevill, Wolverhampton, UK
  • Dietmar Weinert, Halle, Germany
  • Francis Levi, Villejuif, France
  • Seika Aizawa, Kyoto, Japan
  • Mirian David Marques, Sao Paulo, Brazil· Ries Simons, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

He has co-authored several books, numerous reviews, and over 150 original research papers.  He also acts widely as a consultant and adviser, and has been invited to give keynote talks at international meetings and lecture courses in Brazil, Portugal and the Ukraine.  He referees papers for several journals and grant-giving bodies, and is co-editor of Biological Rhythms Research. He has been President of the European Society for Chronobiology and the International Society for Chronobiology.

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