Student advice

Student Advice and Wellbeing is committed to ensuring that students benefit from their time at the University by having access to appropriate and timely information, support and guidance, by being able to seek advice on practical aspects of study and using these opportunities to support and enhance their personal and academic development.

Staff within Student Advice and Wellbeing are available to assist students with any problems they may experience throughout their time at University.  Staff within the team have many years' experience of dealing with a whole range of problems, large and small so please contact us should the need arise.  N.B. As part of the resolution process students must also take responsibility for their part in this process.

We will endeavour to provide practical assistance where possible. However, positive referral advice will also be given where necessary/appropriate, either to other departments within LJMU or to outside agencies.

The role of the Student Advice and Wellbeing team is to provide you with advice, support and information, particularly in the areas of:
  • financial issues
  • disability
  • advice and support to international students
  • study support
  • accommodation
  • health, wellbeing and counselling 


    Page last modified 24 July 2013.

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