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Improve your IT Skills

Our experts will guide you through the range of Information Technology (IT) resources available, both throughout the university and off-campus.  They can help you choose the best IT resources for your assignments, aid your preparation for the perfect presentation, or simply show you how to construct your essay for maximum impact.

Timetable for IT Skills workshops running in Semester 2 2014/5:






 11th March

17:15 - 19:15

 NVivo 10: Introduction to  Room 318,
 James Parsons Building

Workshop topics include*:

  • Creating presentations with Microsoft 'PowerPoint'.
  • Using Microsoft 'Word' to improve your assignments.
  • Using Microsoft 'Excel' to present your data.
  • Introductory support for NVivo 10
  • Using Endnote to manage your references
  • Using Microsoft 'Publisher' to create perfect poster, newsletters, brochures, etc.

You can access guides, additional support, as well as what the sessions cover, by logging on to Blackboard > select 'Community' tab > search for code 'BBTLT03', using 'ID' > and then select 'Enrol'

Online IT guides, including various Microsoft packages, are available from here.

Programming support
We also offer small group (maximum four students) sessions in programming support. These sessions cover basic programming concepts such as code syntax, code structure, programming standards, program logic and debugging. The sessions are intended to be generic rather than programming language specific, although application to some specific programming languages can be covered by prior arrangement. 

Further details about this and our maths support provision are available

To book a place on a workshop send an e-mail to , or contact Andrew Fox on 0151 904 6066.  Please give the title, location, time and date of the workshop you wish to attend, your full name, your six figure Student/Person i.d. number, and your LJMU e-mail address.

You should send one e-mail per person per workshop.  Please do not request a place on a workshop more than three weeks in advance of the date the workshop is scheduled to take place on.

Please note: Workshop spaces are limited and will be allocated on a 'first come first served' basis.

* Subject to available resources


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