Suggestion Scheme

Operation of the Scheme

The Suggestion Scheme is administered by a Scheme Administrator (Sarah Hollis) and by an Executive Owner (Professor Frank Sanderson).

The scheme pro-forma (App. 2) is available not only on the LJMU website but also from site offices and from the Scheme Administrator. This means that staff have the options of submitting paper-based suggestions through the internal mail or submitting them directly via the online form. As is made clear on the pro-forma, suggestions should be accompanied by an analysis of the benefits, areas upon which the change will impact, and potential savings/improvements.

The process is as follows:

  1. A suggestion is submitted on the standard pro-forma to the Scheme Administrator
  2. The Scheme Administrator acknowledges receipt immediately - normally, the same day.
  3. Normally, the suggestion will be classified and sent to an evaluator or team of evaluators. Where a suggestion merits speedy consideration e.g., on safety grounds, the Scheme Administrator will fast-track the evaluation process.
  4. The suggester may be invited to provide additional information and/or communicate directly with the evaluator. Specialist assistance to refine the suggestion may be offered.
  5. The evaluator will complete an Evaluation Form (see example at App 3) within 3 weeks of the original date of submission of the suggestion.
  6. An Awards Panel, convened by the Executive Owner, will consider the Evaluation Reports and decide which suggestions:
    • Merit implementation and an appropriate reward
    • Are considered to be useful ideas needing further consideration and which may be implemented at a later date
    • Do not merit implementation or a reward
  7. The Scheme Administrator will communicate the decision of the Awards Panel to the suggestor
  8. Requests for reconsideration may be made to the Scheme Administrator
  9. A suggester can indicate on the suggestion form that they do not wish to be involved in any publicity

Page last modified 27 February 2007.

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