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Since 2000, LJMU has significantly changed in a number of ways: new Mission, Purpose and Core Values, new faculty structure with an emphasis on devolved authority and empowerment, new HR Strategy focused on rewarding and developing staff, and an over-arching strategic plan which charts the path for developing our key business processes.

We have also become the first UK University to adopt the EFQM Excellence Model. This Model, which is helping us to identify our strengths and the areas in which we need to improve, is promoted by the Cabinet Office, which claims that:

The philosophy of the Excellence Model is that superior performance is achieved by involving people in improving their processes and maintaining core values of continuous improvement and employee participation. Successful innovative ideas schemes are central to that philosophy.1

1 Encouraging Innovation and Continuous Improvement: Guidance on Schemes to Reward Innovative Ideas. Cabinet Office Paper, 1999.

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