Obtaining an LJMU mobile phone

Choosing a handset


Accessing email and the internet using your mobile phone

A number of options are available. Many devices now offer the functionality to connect to the University’s Microsoft Exchange Server for access to emails and calendar. Broadly speaking, they can be either Windows Mobile devices or BlackBerry. 

Windows Mobile Devices

Commonly called Smartphones these devices have a Microsoft Windows look and feel, and enable users to send and receive email and view and update their calendar using a mobile version of Outlook. The monthly voice rental cost and call charges are shown on the Catalist tariff guide above. In addition, connection to the LJMU mail server and internet browsing are available by purchasing data bundles at the following rates:

  • 4Mb: £2.50 per month
  • 10 Mb: £5.00 per month
  • 250Mb: £6.38 per month
  • 1Gb: £17.02 per month

For the latest range of Windows Mobile devices, please visit the Orange Business web site. Instructions on configuring your Windows Mobile based device to access your email is available on the LJMU email web pages.


BlackBerry devices provide similar functionality to Windows Mobile devices. The monthly voice rental cost is the same as above but there is an additional one-off cost of a licence charged at £90 and monthly data charges for unlimited use of £20.00.

For the latest range of BlackBerry devices, please visit these pages. Contact ITS for further help in configuring your BlackBerry.

Alternative methods of mobile connection

For staff wishing to use laptops, the 3G Data Card, or USB modem provides enhanced data access. The data card is simply inserted into the PCMCIA slot on the laptop and comes with a signal boosting antenna, whilst the USB modem, simply plugs in to a spare USB port on the PC.


There is a wide selection of accessories for all devices from leather pouches to car kits. These are charged at retail price less 20% discount.

Personal Line 2

Personal calls on University mobiles are not permissible and in this respect Orange can provide a personal line totally separate from the business line which individuals can subscribe to. There is a range of tariffs available for which a direct debit is required.

Page last modified 13 January 2015.

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