Student Loans

If you are a full time Home/EU undergraduate or PGCE student you may be entitled to one or more types of loan from the Student Loans Company(SLC) covering tuition fees or living costs(maintenance).


Full time Home/EU undergraduate or PGCE students may apply though their Local Authority/SLC for a loan to cover tuition fees up to a maxiimum of £3290 for the academic year 10/11. The tuition fee loan will be paid directly to LJMU on your behalf provided you are in attendance at the University on 1st December of the current academic year. If you enrol /re-register and withdraw prior to 1st December no tuition fee loan will be paid to the University and you will be responsible for the payment of any tuition fees up to that point as explained under student withdrawal.  Eligibility is based on your residency and previous study.  If you have studied at HE level previously you are strongly advised to seek advice before you start another course.

This loan is repayable once you complete your course and your income goes beyond the £15,000 threshold.


In addition to the tuition fee loan full time Home undergraduate and PGCE students may also apply for a maintenance loan to cover their living costs which will be paid into your nominated bank account by the SLC. Prior to releasing your maintenance loan the SLC will require confirmation from LJMU that you are at the University. In order for LJMU to do this you must provide a copy of your financial assessment or loan notification form to the Student Zone as soon as you enrol/re-register.If you provide this to the Student Zone before 3.00 pm on any working day your details will be uploaded to the SLC that same day. Currently the SLC are now saying that you should receive your maintenance loan within 3 - 5 working days (excludes Sunday) of them receiving this attendance notification. If after those 3 - 5 working days you have still not received your maintenance then you may check with the Student Zone or Student Advice & Wellbeing if that notification has been sent. Additionally if you have changed your bank account you need to ensure that you have informed the SLC of your new bank details.

For students going on a language year abroad LJMU will notify the SLC in mid-August and your maintenance loans should be in your bank accounts prior to the commencement of the year abroad.

More information, including loan rates, is available is on the Student Advice & Wellbeing website.

This maintenance loan is not available to EU students.

Page last modified 02 July 2010.

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