Tuition Fee Policy

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are the responsibility of each individual student. Consequently, at enrolment each student will be expected to accept responsibility for paying the assessed fees, or provide clear evidence that their fees will be paid by a sponsor - for example, their LA/SLC (or their SAAS or ELB), an employer, a parent or some other body who has accepted responsibility for paying these fees. If it is unclear who is to pay the fees then the University will assume that it is the student and we will proceed to invoice the individual student.

If you intend to apply to your LA/SLC for funding but have not yet done so, the University would like to remind you that you have only nine months, from the first day of the academic year to apply for financial support. After this time LA's may refuse to process applications for student funding, including Student Loans, for either this or subsequent years.

The University will issue students with a statement of account, usually half way through each semester. This account will summarise the payments made to the University and the debits made for particular services. It is the student's responsibility to check this statement and draw to our attention any errors or omissions. The primary purpose of these statements is to ensure that we are managing students accounts accurately. We will deal quickly with any matters reported to us via the Student Zones.

It is not our policy to issue invoices for every financial transaction with each student - the statement of account will act as the main record of these transactions. If an invoice is required, please ask at your local Student Zone. Once an invoice or a statement of account has been issued, the University expects payment within 30 days, unless arrangements have been made to pay by instalments. If no instalment plan is agreed at the start of the year then the University will expect all fees to be paid within 30 days of the issue of either an invoice or a statement and will treat all overdue fee payments as a formal debt to the University.

If at the start of the first semester, you are still awaiting an LA assessment then the University will set up your account and debit the full fee amount against this account. When you provide us with a copy of the LA assessment then the account will be adjusted to reflect any SLC sponsorship due to you. This may seem a cumbersome procedure, but it does allow us to set up proper financial records as soon as you arrive. If your LA assessment is unusually delayed then please keep the Student Zone staff informed so that the University can manage your account sympathetically. If you do not keep us informed then we will seek to collect all fees due after 30 days.

Fees for Academic Year 2010/2011

In 2010/2011 tuition fees will be charged at £1,310  for a full time Home/EU undergraduate student who commenced their programme prior to the academic year 2006/7 and £3,290 for a full time Home/EU undergraduate who began their programme of study post September 2006.

Part time fees vary depending on the type of course you choose. Please check the fees with your local Student  Zone prior to starting your course.

Home/EU students on a placment year will pay a fee of  £650

Administration Fee

This fee is charged to students who are at the University for an additional academic year (or part of) to complete referred assessments. The fee covers use of facilities such as computers, Learning Resource Centres and support services. For further information about this fee, please contact your local Student Zone.

Reassessment Fee

Students are charged this fee when they are required to re-take modules and assessments owing to failure. It covers all administration costs associated with the reassessment. For further information on the fee payable, please contact your local Student  Zone.

For further information regarding student fees, please either contact your Student Zone or click here

Non-payment of Tuition Fees

The University reserves the right to impose sanctions against such students who persistently refuse to pay fees, as agreed at enrolment. Such sanctions may be include the withdrawal of library lending facilities, removal of access to the ICT network, the withholding of mark transcripts, and the suspension of the students' registration.

Any student who has a debt to the University at the end of the academic year, will not be permitted to register for the next year of their programme of study, until either the debt has been cleared or a satisfactory repayment plan has been agreed.

Students with debts at the end of programme of study will not be allowed to attend the graduation ceremony. The University will not issue certificates to any student who continues to be in debt to the institution at the end of their programme. In extreme cases the University will pursue outstanding debts via a debt collection agency and through the courts.

Page last modified 05 July 2010.

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