Product Innovation Show Alumni Opening Evening 2012

LJMU alumni enjoyed the best in innovation from over 90 1st , 2nd and 3rd year students from the School of Technology, Engineering and Maritime Operations on the 25th May. 

The Product Innovation Show Alumni Opening Evening was the second of its type and alumni took the opportunity to speak with the student exhibitors as they were guided through the displays.

Amongst the projects on show were: user-centered tablet computer design; digital photo locket; sports agility trainer; UV therapy device; modern walking aid; multi-sensory speaker system; ski binding design; dietary cookware solution; passive speaker system; hygienic cutting board; drum kit fixing mechanism; sustainable garden furniture; modular playground equipment.

There was also a section that promoted the Schools latest industrial live development projects with Abingdon Music Research.

Exhibiting subject areas covered product design, sports technology, automotive product development and a broad range of other 3D design projects. The skills presented included industrial design sketching, 3D solid and surface modeling, photo-realistic rendering and prototyping.

After looking at the Product Innovation Show guests were able to speak with academics and students that are part of the LJMU Formula Student team.

Alumnus Gary Laird said “A big thank you for inviting me to the innovation exhibition. I enjoyed the products and the opportunity to see the Formula Student project also”.

To see pictures from the Product Innovation Show Alumni Opening Evening and the Formula Student project please visit the LJMU Alumni Facebook Fan Page.

Page last modified 29 August 2012.

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