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Tuition fee and maintenance loans

How much funding could you receive?

This page provides an overview of the government funding available to full-time undergraduates starting in 2020.

Here you can find out about government funding for your course, but don’t forget you could also receive additional funding from LJMU in the form of scholarships and bursaries. In addition, we have support for students who are care experienced or are estranged from family members. If you are a student on a healthcare course, find out about extra funding you may be eligible for. 

EU student funding continued for 2020/21

EU students starting courses in 2020/21 will have guaranteed home fee status and access to tuition fee support. Find out more.

When should I apply for my student funding?

You should apply for your student finance by the end of May before your course starts. By applying at this time, you will be sure to get your money for the start of term. Don’t worry if for any reason you miss this deadline – you can still submit your application but you may not get your money for the start of term. If you change your mind about where or what you want to study after you have applied, you can change your funding application later.

  • Deadline: end of May before term starts

When you apply for your student funding online, you are applying for all of your government funding including a tuition fee loan, which will cover the fees in full and any maintenance funding you are eligible for.

More information about student finance

Am I eligible for student finance?

Student finance is available to full-time and part-time UK students who meet the eligibility rules for student finance. These rules can seem complicated but are broadly based on your residency (where you have lived); if you have studied in higher education previously; and your age (under 60 at the start of the course). If you have studied in higher education previously then you are strongly advised to get in touch with an adviser before starting another course. 

When and how will the tuition fees be paid?

Your tuition fees will be paid directly to the Liverpool John Moores University once you start your course and we confirm your attendance to the Student Loans Company (SLC). They will then pay us in instalments over the year.

How will I receive the maintenance loan?

The maintenance loan is paid straight into your bank or building society account by the Student Loans Company (SLC). Prior to releasing your maintenance loan, the SLC will require a confirmation from us that you are enrolled and attending Liverpool John Moores University.

The loan is paid in three termly instalments and it's up to you to budget this money for the whole term. For example, you may have to pay your rent and travel costs out of this money.

For more information on how much you will receive and how to apply click on the relevant link below:


When will I repay my loans?

Any loans you take out for tuition fees or living costs will be added together into one loan account. You do not have to start repaying your loans until you have completed your course and are earning over the threshold. This is currently £25,725 per year if you are from England or Wales and £18,935 if you are from Northern Ireland.

Once you are earning over the threshold you will repay at a rate of 9% of anything above the threshold. This table below gives you an indicator of how much your repayments will be based on a student from England or Wales: 

Annual salary 

Monthly repayment













Any money you still owe after 30 years (25 years if from Northern Ireland) is written off. This means you won’t need to continue repaying the loan.

For more information see the Student Loans Company website.