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Below are the resources that have been mentioned throughout the modules you have completed:

Faq Items

Communicating Weight with Parents

Behaviour Change Techniques

Assessing Weight in Young Children

Infant and Child Nutrition

Eat well guide

Good food choices and portion size guide

First Steps Nutrition website has a number of downloadable resources, including:

  • Good food choices and portion sizes for 1-4 year olds
  • Eating well: Packed lunches for 1-4 year olds
  • Eating well recipe book

British Dietetic Association has a number of useful food factsheets to download

NHS Change for Life – useful resources to signpost families to, including Food Facts and Recipes

Other useful resources include:

Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour

Infographic showing UK Chief Medical Officers’ (2019) physical activity guidelines for early years. This can be useful to print off and use as a prompt when discussing physical activity with parents/carers.

Active games for young children handout, which can be given to parents/carers of toddlers and pre-schoolers to take away.

NHS Change 4 Life – ideas for family activities, useful to signpost

This BMJ blog written during the Covid pandemic contains some relevant ideas for encouraging under 5s to be active at home.

For a more comprehensive guide to practical ideas for physically active play in under 5s, please see the British Heart Foundation’s Early Movers guide.

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Weight During Pregnancy

British Dietetic Association, Pregnancy & Diet: Food Fact Sheet

World Health Organisation, Good Maternal Nutrition: The best start in life

Tommy’s charity provide information about foods and drinks to avoid during pregnancy, including a free guide to download with tips for a healthy diet in pregnancy.

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines (2019) – infographic: Physical activity for pregnant women

The NHS also provide information about exercise in pregnancy, including examples of specific exercises for pregnant women.