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Below are the resources that have been mentioned throughout the modules you have completed:

Communicating weight with parents

Behaviour change techniques

Identifying unhealthy weight

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour


Eat well guide

Good food choices and portion size guide

NHS choices website has a wealth of information including:

  • What to feed young children
  • Vitamins for children
  • Fussy eaters
  • Toddler food: common questions
  • 5 a day and your family

First Steps Nutrition website has a number of downloadable resources:

  • Good food choices and portion sizes for 1-4 year olds
  • Eating well: Packed lunches for 1-4 year olds
  • Eating well recipe book

British Dietetic Association has a number of useful food factsheets to download:

  • Children – Healthy eating
  • Vitamin D

Other useful resources include:

Roles and responsibilities