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Natural Sciences & Psychology Academic Staff

Name Phone Room Email Role
Aureli, Filippo N/A N/A F.Aureli Professor of Animal Behaviour
Bourke, David 231 2005 344a (JP) D.Bourke Senior Lecturer Conservation Ecology
delBarco-Trillo, Javier 231 2598 (JP) J.Barcotrillo Senior Lecturer in Vertebrate Environmental Physiology
Hunt, Chris G29 (JP) C.Hunt Reader in Geography
Young, Andy 231 3575 A.J.Young Director of Research
Lane, Tim 231 (JP) T.P.Lane Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Geography
Poole, Karen 6329 315 (TR) K.Poole Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer
Bethell, Emily 231 2488 340 (JP) E.J.Bethell Senior Lecturer in Primatology and Animal Behaviour
Swaney, Will 231 2160 230 (JP) W.T.Swaney Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Epigenetics
Bishop, Laura 231 2144 448c (JP) L.C.Bishop Subject Leader, Professor in Hominid Palaeoecology
O’Reilly, Andrias 231 2330 444 (JP) a.o.oreilly Lecturer / Senior Lecture in Neurobiology
Morrissey, John 231 2175 331 (JP) J.E.Morrissey Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Environmental Geography
McLaughlin, Jennifer 904 6294  (TR) J.McLaughlin Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Bowe, Colm 231 2133 350a (JP) C.Bowe Lecturer in Plant and Environmental Science
Lea, Charlie 904 6342 3.27 (TR) C.R.Lea Senior Lecturer Psychology
Byrne, Patrick 231 2027  350b (JP)  P.A.Byrne Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Noor, Masi 904 6318 320 (TR)  A.M.Noor Lecturer in Social Psychology
Brown, Richard 231 2159 346b (JP) R.P.Brown Professor of Animal Evolution
Borrini, Matteo 231 2180 438 (JP) M.Borrini Principal Lecturer/Programme Leader
Dalrymple, Sarah E. 231 2354   S.E.Dalrymple Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Conservation Ecology
Hemers, Elaine 231 2026 E.M.Hemers Programme Leader BSc Biology
De Groote, Isabelle 231 2275 448b (JP) I.E.DeGroote Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Roberts, Daniel 904 6304 314 (TR) D.J.Roberts Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuropsychology
Forshaw, Mark 904 6299    (TR)  M.J.Forshaw  Subject Leader in Psychology
Galvez-Bravo, Lucia 231 2247   346a (JP)     Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Conservation Ecology/Biology
Rae, Robbie  231 2486 436 (JP) R.G.Rae Lecturer Ecological/Evolutionary Genetics 
Hodkinson, Ian N/A  N/A  B.L.Lancaster Emeritus Professor
Lancaster, Les N/A  N/A  B.L.Lancaster Emeritus Professor of Transpersonal Psychology
Palasinski, Marek 904 6304 3.28 (TR) M.Palasinski Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology
Meloro, Carlo 231 2312 448B (JP) C.Meloro Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Vertebrate Palaeontology
Preston, Brian 231 2177 346a (JP) B.T.Preston Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour
Wilding, Craig 231 2500 2.07 (MP) C.S.Wilding Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary/Ecological Genetics
Dürr, Simone 231 2030 640 (JP) S.T.Durr Lecturer in Marine Biology
Eliopoulos, Constantine "Costa" 231 2038 448a (JP) C.Eliopoulos Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology
Feltham, Mark 231 2211 350a (JP) M.J.Feltham Principal Lecturer in Animal Ecology
Germond-Duret, Celine 231 2426 331 (JP) C.V.GermondDuret  Lecturer in Geography
Gonzalez, Silvia 231 2213 442 (JP) S.Gonzalez Professor of Quaternary Geology and Geoarchaeology
Gunn, Alan 231 2209 653 (JP) A.Gunn Principal Lecturer, Subject Leader: Biosciences
Kirby, Jason 231 2410 240c (JP) J.R.Kirby Principal Lecturer in Physical Geography
Kiriakoulakis, Kostas 231 2483 238a (JP) K.Kiriakoulakis Lecturer in Environmental Science
Koyama, Nicola 231 2627 342 (JP) N.F.Koyama Lecturer in Animal Behaviour
Mettke-Hofmann, Claudia 231 2247 346a (JP) C.C.Mettke-Hofmann Lecturer in Animal Behaviour
Oakland, Penny 231 2179 344b (JP) P.J.Oakland Principal Lecturer in ;Animal Ecology
Ohman, Jim 231 2143 348 (JP) J.C.Ohman Lecturer in Palaeoanthropology
Palmer-Conn, Sue 904 6341 317 (TR) S.E.Palmer-Conn Lecture in Psychology
Sherwood, Graham 231 2192 G32 (JP) G.J.Sherwood Faculty Registrar
Sneddon, Jenny 231 2191 350 (JP) J.C.Sneddon Lecturer in Environmental Physiology
Whitfield, Liz 231 2333 238b (JP) E.Whitfield Lecturer in Geoscience
Wilkinson, David 231 2245 236 (JP) D.M.Wilkinson Reader in Environmental Science
Adams, Anne-Marie 904 6305 305 (TR) A.Adams Lecturer in Psychology
Cooper, Simon 904 6339 324 (TR) S.R.Cooper Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Fairclough, Stephen 904 6311 311 (TR) S.Fairclough Subject Leader, Professor of Psychophysiology
Glenn, Sheila 904 6318 320 (TR) S.M.Glenn Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology
Harrison, Yvonne 904 6298 229 (TR) Y.Harrison Lecturer in Psychology
Harrop, Alex N/A N/A A.Harrop Emeritus Professor
Irish, Joel 231 2387 440 (JP) J.D.Irish Professor in Anthropology
James, Pamela N/A N/A P.E.James Emeritus Professor
Lattimore, Paul 904 6296 227 (TR) P.J.Lattimore Lecturer in Psychology
Law, Anna 904 6227 225 (TR) A.Law Lecturer in Psychology
Malinowski, Peter 904 6297 228 (TR) P.Malinowski Lecturer in Psychology
Mirams, Laura 904 6317 320 (TR) L.R.Mirams  Lecturer in Psychology
McGlone, Francis 904 6332 323 (TR) F.P.McGlone Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
McIlroy, David 904 6303 303 (TR) D.McIlroy Programme Manger
Morgan, Helen 904 6294 230 TRB H.M.Morgan Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Moore, David 904 (TR)  D.J.Moore  Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Psychology 
Montgomery, Cathy 904 6295 226 (TR) C.A.Montgomery Reader in Psychopharmacology
Nananidou, Angela 904 6340 325 (TR) A.Nananidou Lecturer in Psychology
Newson, Lisa 904 6343 328 (TR) L.M.Newson Senior Lecturer 
Nichols, Hazel 231 2376  340 (JP)  H.J.Nichols Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour
Ogden, Ruth 904 6342 327 (TR) R.S.Ogden Lecturer in Psychology
Fernandez Dominguez, Eva 231 2273  448b (JP)  E.FernandezDominguez  Lecturer/Senior Lecturer 
Conlan, Sheelagh 231 2391  344a (JP)  S.L.Conlan Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Perez De Heredia Benedicte, Fatima 231 2003  638 (JP)  F.PerezDeHeredia Benedicte   Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Post, Rory 231 2147  638 (JP)  R.J.Post  Lecturer/Senior Lecturer
Poole, Helen 904 6307 307 (TR) H.M.Poole Reader in Applied Health Psychology
Simmons, Fiona 904 6341 326 (TR) F.R.Simmons Lecturer in Psychology
Tattersall, Andy 904 6300 301 (TR) A.J.Tattersall Director of School
Umeh, Kanayo 904 6310 310 (TR) F.K.Umeh Lecturer in Psychology
Walker, Susannah 904 6309 309 (TR) S.C.Walker Senior Lecturer
Wich, Serge 231 2454  435 (JP)  S.A.Wich Professor in Primate Biology
Williamson, Sally 231 2421 444 (JP) S.M.Williamson Lecturer/ Senior Lecturer in Neurobiology
Shaw, Helen 231 2.40B (JP) H.E.Shaw Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Conservation Ecology
Willis, Cath 904 6306 306 (TR) C.Willis Lecturer in Psychology
Woods, Sally 904 6308 308 (TR) S.C.Woods Programme Leader

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Research Staff, Sessional Visiting Lecturers

Name Phone Room email Role
Van Asperen, Eline 2180 635 (JP) E.N.Van-Asperen Marie Curie ERG Postdoctoral Fellow
Beesley, Luke 2224 655a (JP) I.Beesley Research Assistant
Bird, Jerry 2181 354 (JP) J.M.Bird Research Officer
Burns, Christopher 6314 312 (JP) C.G.Burns Research Officer
Gilleade, Kiel 6314 312 (TR) K.M.Gilleade Research Assistant
Kennedy, Louise 6324 313 (TR) L.M.Kennedy Sessional Lecturer
Phillip, Denise 2367 240a (JP) D.M.Phillip Enterprise and Employability Co-ordinator
Trotter, Paula 6314 312 (TR) Research Assistant
Kemp, Caralyn C.Kemp Research Assistant
Marston, Christopher C.Marston Research Assistant
Pawling, Ralph 6314 312 (TR) R.Pawling Research Assistant
Reynolds, Sally S.Reynolds Research Assistant

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Postgraduates Research Students

Name Room Phone email Supervisor
Bouzoukos, Adam 313(TR) 6323 A.Bouzoukos Dr. Andreas Kastenmueller
Burrell, Carla       Dr. Jim Ohman
Canavan, Sara       Dr. Jim Ohman
Diggory, Kate       Dr. Peter Malinowski
Dove, Eleanor       Prof. Joel Irish
Ellis, Lee       Prof. Richard Brown
Farooqi, Samina 331(JP) N/A S.H.Farooqi Dr.Nicola Koyama
Fisher, Naomi 230 (TR) 6299 N.Fisher Dr. Paul Lattimore
Foulds, Yvette       Dr. Claudia Mettke-Hoffmann
Furphy, Pat N/A N/A P.Furphy Dr. Debra Komar
Graham, Heather       Prof. Silvia Gonzalez
Hartley, Andrew 331 (JP) N/A A.S.Hartley Dr. Jenny Sneddon
Karran, Alexander       Prof. Steve Fairclough
Kreplin, Ute       Prof. Steve Fairclough
McGeough, Julienne N/A N/A J.McGeough Dr. David McIlroy
McLeod, Kirsty       Dr. Dave Wilkinson
Mitchell, Jessica       Dr. Hazel Nichols
Murphy, Stephen N/A N/A S.G.Murphy Dr. Mark Feltham
Ng, Kheng Ban N/A N/A Dr. Helen Poole
O’Neill, Wendy N/A N/A Dr. Jane Fisher
Oliver, Jim N/A N/A Prof. Laura Bishop
Palframam, Jason N/A N/A J.T.Palframan Prof. Les Lancaster
Patel, Tasneem N/A N/A Dr. Lisa Newson
Paterson, Lorna 313(TR) 6326 L.Paterson Dr. Mark Feltham
Rennie, Sam N/A N/A Dr. Jim Ohman
Samuels, Michael N/A N/A Dr. Ruth Ogden
Smith, Emma N/A N/A Dr. Kostas Kiriakoulis
Smith, Ian N/A N/A I.R.Smith Dr. Hannah O'Regan
Smith, Steven N/A N/A Prof. Les Lancaster
Smith, Sharon N/A N/A Prof. Francis McGlone
Stringer, Christine N/A N/A C.Stringer Dr. Dave Wilkinson
Taylor, Lauren N/A N/A Dr. Alan Gunn
Taylor, Steven N/A N/A S.M.Taylor Prof. Les Lancaster
Todd, Valerie 315 (TR) 6344 V.J.Todd Dr. David McIlroy
Toole, Emma N/A N/A E.V.Toole Prof. Silvia Gonzalez
Town, Nicky N/A N/A N.J.Town Dr. Stephanie Davy-Jow
Turner, Carole N/A N/A Dr. Jim Ohman
Valentine, Julie N/A N/A J.E.Valentine Dr. Jason Kirby
Woods, Matthew N/A N/A Prof. Richard Brown

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Administrative Support Staff

Name Phone Room email Role
Alder, Stephanie 2407 146(JP) S.Alder Senior Programme Administrator
Burrows, Keighley 2498 144(JP) K.J.Burrows Faculty Administrator
Crowley, Denise 904 6301 3.02 (TR) D.B.Crowley PA to the Director of School
Fearn, Jamie 2349 144(JP) J.Fearn World of Work and Skills Support Unit Manager
Lawrence, Katie 2079  144(JP) K.L.Lawrence Faculty Administrator
Leigh, Dave 2258 138 (JP) D.W.Leigh UG Admissions Officer
Metcalf, Kirsty 2432  146 (JP)  K.Metcalf  Programme Administrator
McCormack, John 2319 133(JP) J.McCormack PG Admissions Officer
Pascoe, Karen 2424 146 (JP) K.A.Pascoe Senior Programme Administrator
Paterson, Howard 2440 146 (JP) H.Paterson1 Senior Programme Administrator
Smith, Isobel 2538 144(JP) I.Smith1  Work Based Learning Officer
Walsh, Hayley 2436 146 (JP) H.K.Walsh Programme Administrator
Wells, Edward 2369 146 (JP) E.Wells Administrative Support Manager

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Technical Staff

Name Phone Room email Role
Armstrong, Colin 2216 415 (JP) C.H.Armstrong Senior Technician Plant & Animal Physiology
Clark, Hazel 2120 33c (JP) H.E.Clark Senior technician Geography
Harper, Christine 2216 415 (JP) C.Harper Support Service Assistant
Houghton, Louise 2216 415 (JP) L.T.Houghton Technician Plant & Animal Physiology
Lloyd, Martin 2322 234 (JP) M.P.Lloyd Faculty IT Support Officer (scsit@ljmu.ac.uk)
McEvoy, Eric     E.G.McEvoy  
McGrath, Beverly 2321 429 (JP) B.A.Mcgrath Senior Technician Environmental Sciences
Sayers, Ted 6333 318 (TR) E.Sayers Senior Technician
Schroeder, Russell 6331 316 (TR) R.F.Schroeder Psychology Technician
Shaw, Jane 2068 428 (JP) J.C.Shaw Faculty Teaching Technical Support Manager
Williams, David 2120 33c (JP) D.L.Williams Technician, Geography

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